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Why a Custom Logo Design Ideal for Small Business

  • 25 Jan 2018
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Never underestimate the power of custom logo design especially a logo that carries your brand reputation and quality standards. It moves along with your dealings, meetings, printable material, website and social media it is the first impression about your business leave on a vast audience. Therefore, it should leave anyone stunned at a glance.

So, why do small businesses must spend on a custom logo design? Yes we are asking to spend on something that has one might not even ready to pay $5, isn’t it? So get ready for some facts that will shock you because it’s not about just having a logo it’s about creating a brand that inspires:
Back then, in 1971 Phil Knight CEO and Founder of Nike paid a $35 to design its Nike and Swoosh logo that now worth $643,000.

In 2008 Pepsi spent 1Million to redesign its logo when the reshape their bottle design in the same era.
Companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, BP, and Apple have invested in reshaping their logo that perfectly fits the modern age of the time and communicates with updated standard.


Now that you have seen the outcome of the initial investment of these successful market giants let comprehend the basics of the customized logo design that is ideal for every startup to small business communities and SMEs.
Before we begin to explain the technical aspect of logo design, know that a logo helps people to understand and relate their needs to your brand. It has to be design in term of the business and also the design trend followed in recent days. Therefore, to combine quality with a design such that it converts and helps improving brand impression focus and work on following the most crucial and significant aspects of the logo to acquire a quality custom logo design.

Typeface of Logo

In this age of hundreds of terminology, many people consider fonts and typeface as the same two different names of one text style. However, the below-given image shows five types of Typeface that show the impact of choosing the most appropriate form for the brand name. Therefore, before you opt for a customized logo to understand typeface and see which of the techniques correctly matches the brand personality.

Negative Space



In today’s design trends, ironically, negative is the new positive. Describing the story or about the company through design can be done in many ways. One of the most crucial parts of the design is to use the concept to maintain the idea and the idea of the company. Therefore, using negative space for the logo design gives extra scale to show the creativity of the designer. And allows people to get fascinated with the design and concept interconnected.

Hues of Logo


The design has a language that communicates with tones be it black, gray or even the lightest of all. For every business that is willing to deliver and expresses its audience, it is mandatory to use the right hues for the right message. Therefore, if you are looking for experts that comprehend and transform hues into a pitch then opt for a professional custom logo design that understands the idea. Here is a quick way to understand the hues and the expression every hue palette holds.

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