How to Online Create Nike Logo Like Iconic Logo?

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May 22, 2023

What is the Nike symbol called? – Nike Swoosh

The Swoosh logo of Nike is popular among the most recognizable logos of all time. The main reason is the mix of effective branding and marketing strategies the company employs in its campaigns. The Nike logo originated in 1971 when Phil Knight decided to rebrand the Blue Ribbon Sports along with Bill Bowerman and assigned the task to a student at Portland State University. Carolyn Davidson was a graphic design student when she designed the Nike Swoosh.

Nobody would have thought that the rebranding of Nike (named after the Greek Goddess of victory) would bring great Results. Neither did they know a student at Portland State University would design one of the most famous logos in history. We don’t know much about Greek mythology, but the Greek Goddess of victory surely blessed the Swoosh for victory.

This writing will highlight the features of the Nike swoosh for designer reference and will serve as an inspiration for designers. We will also explain the steps to online create Nike Swoosh logo like an iconic brandmark for brands operating in the sports, clothing, and shoe-making industry.

Exciting Features of the Nike Swoosh That We Need to Know

The branding of a company largely impacts its business and helps to make its mark on the audience. The Nike logo provides a list of features that make a brand mark stand out and attract customers to the business. Read about the Puma logo for further reference to the most famous logos. The following are the key features to consider in the Nike logo design.

  • The shape of the Nike logo represents the wing of the Goddess Nike.
  • It supports the tagline by approving “Just Do It” as a checkmark.
  • The brand mark uses minimal color using a monotone with multiple variations.
  • Originating in black and white color, the company uses an orange hue in the Swoosh now.
  • The orange hue is inspired by the joyful, energetic, and athletic aspect of the color.
  • It occasionally displays the company name in Futura bold font with capital letters.

Creating a Logo Using Inspiration from Nike Sign

A company may take design inspiration from any famous brand like Nike and Puma for their own brand. Especially businesses operating in the shoe-making, sportswear, apparel, and sports equipment industries must ask for a powerful graphic design. Following are the steps for incorporating the best features.

1.      Diversity

Nike has always been using diversity to gain acceptance in different audience segments. This diversity not only reflects in its choice of influencers but also in multiple types of sports that are played throughout the world. Design a logo that influences and motivates the audience regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or race, and use influencers from diverse backgrounds.

2.      Open to Change

The journey actually begins with the change from the Blue Ribbon Sports name to Nike and adapting the Swoosh. It also directs us to be adaptive by moderating its logo from time to time. A logo must be timeless in its message but slight modifications act as reinforcements.

3.      Relates with Audience

Audience interests and preferences matter most when it comes to designing brand marks and marketing strategies. Nike has been competing with big competitors by adopting a user-centric approach. An emblem must appeal to the audience by either targeting their interest and passion or by offering a solution to existing problems in the market. The role of technology, apps, and a website is also important in gaining user attention and engagement.

4.      Emotional Connection

Through research into audience interest, Nike has empowered the swoosh as a symbol of pride and commitment. Many advertisements use the Swoosh with the message “Just Do It” to deliver the message while establishing authority. The ads feature famous athletes from around the world and tell their stories to help build emotional connections with the audience that follows them.


The Nike swoosh has helped it to achieve higher awareness and outstanding revenues. Athletic shoes and sports goods are in high demand all over the world. Any business or graphic design student can take inspiration from the elements to improve strategies and design attractive emblems. Nike’s design features and marketing strategies have been fueling Nike’s growth for almost 50 years.

The highlighted features in the brand icon are a benchmark for any designer. However, it is essential to review the steps that help to online create Nike logo like efficient design that can change history. We can learn many things by observing the industry leaders and their best practices and staying committed to our core purpose while striving for excellence.

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