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The marketing arena is full of brands that want to promote and grow their business. Cutting through the clutter and appearing prominent to attract customers to your brand is essential. Digital marketing and new advertising concepts need vibrant, appealing, and user-oriented logos to engage the audience. Therefore, we need to understand the latest trends in logo design.

Designers might run out of new ideas and feel stuck selecting design elements. By taking inspiration from cool logos trends 2023 brands can attract their target audience, engage them efficiently, and convert more sales. We will list the top trends for 2023 and highlight the role of a designer’s profile.

Top Trends in Logo Designing 2023

Trends keep changing with time, and logos must be timeless and versatile. It doesn’t mean that designers don’t have to incorporate the latest trends and audience interest elements. Considering the latest trends helps you to understand the target market. Following are some cool trends for 2023 logos.

1.      Ornamental Monograms

The detail and variety in ornamental monograms make it appear catchy for the audience while being a good choice for designers. Using artistic frames around brand names, converging ornaments with letters, and layering multiple letters are some techniques for ornamental monograms.

2.      Outer and Inner Space

The space between letters, objects, and other design elements offers many opportunities that designers may use creatively. A famous example is FedEx which uses the space between the capital E and x as an arrow to represent the continuous advancement in quality. Outer spaces like frames, borders, or the texture of the letters have many uses. See the Unilever logo for reference.

3.      Sketches and Doodles

Many brands are using doodles and hand-drawn sketches to attract consumers. Doodling is gaining popularity, especially in the processed food segment, as it appears joyful and lively. Using sketches in brand logos can persuade art lovers and admirers. Many perfume brands use sketch logos, such as Secret.

4.      Text Moderation

Playing with fonts and text is a brilliant move by designers. It makes the logo attractive, amusing, and engaging while maintaining a professional appearance. Some trending moderations include using multiple fonts, twisting alignments, and replacing letters with objects or products.

Designers have limitless options while designing logos with text moderation. They can alter specific letters’ colors, hues, outlines, and fonts to emphasize different brand attributes. It also allows for design innovations so that even the simplest brand names can turn jolly and cool.

5.      Mascots

Using Mascots never lost popularity as brands that use mascots in logos and promotions are more successful. The first reason is the mascots’ representation of the brand identity and traits. Secondarily, customers find associating with brand mascots that align with their personality traits easier.

Mascots like KFC’s Colonel Sanders and

6.      Generation Z

The preferences of Generation Z impact the brands and logo designs greatly. Millennials like to talk about superheroes and watch animated movies, while Generation Z is setting up businesses using smartphone apps. The logo design must use different techniques to grab the attention of youth for long-lasting customer relationships. Brands must appear attractive to Gen Z users through logos that appeal to them.

Designer Profile

A designer’s profile highly matters when you are looking to embed the latest trends and audience interests in your logo design. Logo design companies that work for clients in specific industries might be unable to provide effective designs for a different sector.

Companies with a diverse portfolio and high experience with multiple clients have more knowledge of market dynamics and target markets. Hiring professional services to empower your logo with the best features to attract and retain customers is necessary.


The logo design industry is also changing with technological advancement and shifting behavioral patterns. The founding principles remain the same to understand the target market and comply with audience interests. Understanding the latest trends in logo designs helps your logo align with the different personality traits of your target audience.

Employing the latest cool logos trends 2023 designers can help brands unlock high growth and expand globally. A professional logo design agency enables you to obtain a powerful logo that meets your branding needs and adds value to the brand image.



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