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Diversified Ecommerce

Diverse experience in Ecommerce solutions across multiple industries empowers us to form memorable shopping experiences attaining revisits.


Logo Design

Hire a logo designer to enliven your logo design ideas, or hire a graphic designer for logo redesign with ease.


Website Design

Our proficient resource provides custom web design services, liberating you from how to hire a website designer.


Branding Services

Hire a brand designer from the best branding company to source an efficient and remarkable branding design.


App Design

Procure a user-centered design, as mobile app design is central to getting closer to prospects via smart devices.


UI UX Design

App success requires user interface design and UX design process, so we simplify how to hire a UX designer.


Graphic Design

No matter which platform you choose for online business, hire a graphic designer online to brand your offerings.


Business Card Design

Hire a business card designer and design a business card to pass on at meetups for professional networking.


Flyer Design

A print design is also a necessary visual design for branding a business; explore our pool to hire a designer online.


Product Design

Hire a product designer, whether you need a book design, newsletter design, magazine design, or packaging design.

Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer
Hire a Logo Designer

Our Process

Value-Driven Ecommerce Solution

Our Custom Ecommerce Development Process goes through each stage with value addition and beneficiation.

We analyze the target audience for their preferences and interests and plan the development accordingly.

We plan the optimal utilization of available resources for development while focusing on the core objectives.

We design the solution using research and analysis to embed the design elements suitable for the audience.

We employ the best practices of software and web development and optimize them for efficient performance.

We perform rigorous testing based on security, performance, and audience engagement before handing over.

We assist in launching your ecommerce solution, recommending strategies that attract and influence.

Our 24x7 accessible support team assists your ecommerce website managers in lead generation and conversion.


Addressing The Ecommerce
Development FAQ'S

We offer numerous graphic design services, such as logos, branding, websites, mobile apps, and promotion designs. Moreover, we also design flyers, business cards, brochures, catalog and book covers, and banner designs to assist businesses. We also deal in various categories that you can explore on our service pages or contact us for any design service you are looking for.

UX design or user experience design is the process of designing a positive and amusing experience by all necessary means. It usually involves the visual design and optimization of interfaces, layout, features, and navigations of an app or web page. All in all, UX design aims to create a user-friendly product that is responsive, smooth, and easy to use.

UI design or user interface design is the process of creating a visually attractive and easy-to-use application layout. It deals with the appearance of the interface for placing content, negative space, navigation buttons, and other visuals. The more advanced forms of UI design cover voice and gesture controls, while the basic UI also comprises pop-ups, prompts, and other messages.

You may begin with sourcing a custom domain name or a platform domain and use templates along with drag and drop environment. However, such website designs don’t guarantee UI/UX optimization and responsive websites as they lack many essentials. A consistent branding design and performance optimization not only enhances your website style but also gains engagement. Therefore, hiring a website designer for development, design, and redesign needs is crucial.

Designing a mobile-friendly version of your website or a mobile app involves addressing all UI/UX design parameters. Besides that, it is also necessary to test your app on various old, slow, and vulnerable devices with limited or no connectivity. There are various low-code or no-code tools to design apps, but they have their limitations on optimization and security. Therefore, hire a mobile app designer who understands your audience and assists you in attaining objectives.

Although Logo Design Valley has tailored feature-rich pricing plans compliant with different budget levels, we do entertain exceptions. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your unique needs, and we will estimate a price based on your specs. Hourly rates for many services differ in value, so selecting a cost-effective package that best suits your requirements is better.

We have a diverse design process for each domain, including web design, branding, and logo. However, each design process begins with exploring inspirational ideas after understanding your requirements and objectives. Research is the next part, where we invest time to acquire audience details and analyze them for interests and preferences. We then plan the collaborative design project while assigning the focal persons key roles, responsibilities, and resources. The design and development phase starts next, where the latest tech and best skills merge to blend user appeal and brand objectives. We rigorously test the design and development projects before handing them over for a launch, where we assist you further. Implementation is a new beginning for our relationships as we offer support and maintain your platforms and assets, continuously improving them.

You will get the final projects ready for download on your Logo Design Valley dashboard (the one you get on sign-up). Any other exceptions, like platform or social media design submissions, will be available live on the platforms.

You will get all Vector, Raster, AI, PSD, JPEG, and PNG formats of your design files. Moreover, you can request any other file formats you may require before or after starting a project.

Indeed, you can ask for revisions as per your selected packages, where some packages may have a limit while others offer unlimited revisions. It is essential to go through the details and features of your selected package to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

A graphic designer improves the layout and performance of your digital and traditional assets and platforms, aligning them with audience expectations. The core aim is to embed an appeal into the design that stimulates your target segments to engage and interact with the brand. Any app, web page, or social media account requires a distinct design to amuse visitors or viewers. The consistent branding and tempting marketing visuals shape a positive brand value in audience perceptions. It influences the buying decisions of users in the brand’s favor by providing a user-friendly and desirable user journey. Timely prompts and CTA placements aid in lead conversions and contribute to the revenues, fueling business growth and expansion.

If you don’t like any of the designs, we offer a money-back guarantee in most of our packages. Please read our terms and conditions, which detail a diverse set of services and refund policies.

We deliver your design projects with 100% ownership rights, except for individual design elements. Contact your respective legal offices for copyright and intellectual property patents.

Yes, you can attach the reference files, images, and design briefs on the dashboard for a project.

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