Terms & Condition

This section outlines the rules and expectations for using Logo Design Valley’s website and services. By browsing and interacting with our platform, you agree to these terms. Here you'll find details about permitted use, intellectual property rights, and limitations of liability. Understanding these terms ensures a smooth and transparent experience for both parties.

Revision Policy

We understand that getting the perfect design or website requires collaboration. That's why we offer revisions on our services! However, to streamline the process and ensure timely project completion, we have some guidelines in place.

Feedback Timeframes

We kindly ask that you provide feedback on revisions within the specified timeframe for your chosen package:

Logos: 3 business days
Websites (under $1,000): 5 business days for each revision
Branding collaterals: 3 business days

This prompt feedback allows us to efficiently incorporate your input and keep your project moving forward.

Delayed Feedback

If we don't receive your feedback within the designated timeframe, we may need to adjust the revision process. This could involve:

  • Moving on to the next stage of the project (e.g., finalizing the logo design)
  • Implementing an additional charge for further revisions

Project-Specific Terms

For certain project types, there may be additional terms specific to that project. However, projects exceeding a certain value require a more detailed agreement, like:

Websites (over $1,000): For larger website development projects exceeding $1,000, a separate written contract will be provided outlining the specific payment terms and project details.

Refund Policy

We want you to be thrilled with your final product! That's why we offer a generous refund policy with some key details to keep things smooth.

100% Money-Back Guarantee on Mockups:

If the initial mockups for your logo, website, or branding design aren't perfect, you'll receive a full refund, minus any applicable payment gateway fees. We don't charge hidden fees like "admin" or "overhead." Refunds are usually processed quickly, but may take up to 21 business days.

To Request a Refund

Simply fill out our easy refund request form. Your honest feedback helps us improve!

Please note: Refunds cannot be processed without a completed form.

Situations Where Refunds Don't Apply:

  • Revisions indicate approval to proceed. Once revisions based on your feedback begin, refunds aren't available.
  • Mockups based on your explicit design ideas (sketches, existing logos) can't be refunded.
  • It's your responsibility to use our Account Area for communication and requests. Refunds aren't available for missed messages within the platform.
  • Design firms and those ordering on behalf of others are not eligible for refunds.
  • Ordering from multiple design services simultaneously forfeits your refund right.
  • Additional design concepts beyond your package are not refundable.
  • Refunds are not available for final logo files, website code, or application login information.
  • Delivery timelines are estimates and may be affected by workload or holidays. While we strive for quick turnaround (1-2 business days for logos and branding designs, 5-7 for websites), delays are possible.
  • No refund is available after six months of the payment.

Unresponsive clients: Failure to provide feedback within 3 business days (logos/branding collaterals) or 5 business days (websites) may void your refund option.

Unresponsive clients after receiving designs: If you don't provide feedback within the designated timeframe (3 days for logos/branding collaterals, 5 days for websites), we'll consider the design accepted and the project "on hold." Our obligations cease, and full payment remains due.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation! Our policy of terms and conditions ensures a smooth project experience for everyone. By following these guidelines, you'll be informed about refund options and our communication practices. We reserve the right to terminate service access at any time, with or without notice. Refund eligibility in such cases will be determined at our sole discretion.