10 Most Expensive Logo Designs and Respective Brands

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April 28, 2023

Expensive logo designs

The marketing arena is full of stories that make you think of the spending limits of brands. From campaigns that influence millions of people to ads with millions of dollars in budget. In short, a brand would spend hefty amounts to attract an audience. Brand awareness leads to perceived value and persuades audiences to buy the brand.

There are cases where brands have paid millions of dollars for a logo or a modification to the existing one. Logos may appear simple, but they are an integral part of branding. Companies invest in their logo design to maximize their revenues. Here we discuss some of the most expensive brand logos and their owners.

10 Most Expensive Logo Designs

1.      City of Melbourne

The city of Melbourne was using around 50 different logos for its multiple services before rebranding to this one. The design cost the city around $ 148,000, and it successfully gained popularity among the citizens and visitors.

2.      Belfast

Another city to use its logo to spread love and peace among its citizen and visitors is Belfast. The Logo is a modified letter B having a heart shape. The purple color represents the royal-like living standards. The city paid a sum of $ 530,000 for this logo to attract tourists and grow its businesses.

3.      London 2012 Olympics

The famous Olympic games have their logo design of the five overlapping rings. However, countries hosting the Olympics have logo designs to give every event a unique identity and attract viewers. The London 2012 Olympics logo cost around $ 625,000 and was way expensive then. The Qatar FIFA 2022 logo is expensive too, but the cost isn’t disclosed for some reason.

4.      Pepsi

The rebranding of the famous soft drink brand wasn’t anything new. The company has been changing its logo many times since its beginning. However, seemingly a slight moderation of its previous logo, the Allen Group charged a whopping $ 1 Million for rebranding. The brand’s rivalry with Coca-Cola has immense pressure on its advertising budget. With a million-dollar rebranding, it clearly outsmarted the competition and gained audience attention.

5.      Citibank

The famous banking company operates under the umbrella of the Citi Group. The logo design has a profound impact, and people identify it as a symbol of trust, security, and impact. Notably, the designer Paula Scher was in a meeting with Citibank officials when she started sketching this logo on just a napkin. The napkin logo’s cost was $ 1.5 Million.

6.      BBC

The media industry has a prominent brand known for its broad coverage and reliable news. BBC has been using the logo for many years, which has a price tag of $ 1.8 Million. The Media outlet is successfully gaining audiences and growing its business worldwide through this logo.

7.      ANZ

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group is another merger of two brands with an expensive logo design. Its logo cost is astonishingly around $ 15 Million. The use of empty spaces and stylish letters in blue ensures its customers’ security, trust, and well-being.

8.      Posten Norge

The Postal Services in Norway started rebranding in 2008 using a new logo design and different marketing campaigns. The logo has a whopping $ 55 Million price tag, and the overall rebranding cost around $ 300 Million. The cost of their logo alone surpasses all other marketing activities and is still a point of discussion among designers and the general public.

9.      Accenture

 Rarely in the history of logo designing a 9-digit sum of $ 100 Million was paid by a brand. The logo sparks many debates, including criticism and speculations. However, the logo helped the brand get high attention and likeness from the community and is operating successfully.

10.  British Petroleum

The British petroleum logo design stands out as the most expensive branding activity. An unmatchable $ 210 Million was paid for the logo design that represents sustainable practices in business and multi-dimensional services to its audience in a fun and engaging way. The logo gained likeness and was far distinctive from the industry’s competitors.




Promoting a business involves telling about the products, appealing to the audience, and conveying the brand story. The logo design must reflect most of these elements in a catchy way that attracts the audience. Brands that invest heavily in their logo designs might sound illogical, but a logo design is one of the many investments a company makes to grow its business. Even the most expensive brand logos pay back for themselves in the long run.

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