• UPS Logo

    The Rising of the Shield Hero – UPS Logo for Design Inspiration

    • 1 Jun 2023
    • Branding

    The marketing world never misses to amaze us. It is full of lessons for every learner belonging to any field. Iconic brands and famous companies around the globe provide motivating, inspirational, and thoughtful lessons. Designers, entrepreneurs, business managers, and other professionals can learn a lot from reading about the history of leading businesses. Managing a […]

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  • Amazon Smile

    The Story Behind the Amazon Smile 2023

    • 31 May 2023
    • Amazon

    Amazon Smile Our world is full of stories that inspire us to think, evaluate, and discover the impact. While many stories motivate us to adopt certain practices, some stories end up in ways we never imagine. It is of great value to explore such possibilities capable of solving issues. A famous story of a boy […]

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  • Graphic Design Trends

    Inspiring Documentaries for Graphic Design Ideas and Inspiration

    • 30 May 2023
    • Branding

    The internet has been a source of relief for many professionals around the world, especially for creativity seekers. Creativity needs inspiration, and the internet is the most accessible, friendly, and inexpensive source. Marketers, writers, artists, and designers use various websites and apps for inspiration and new ideas. Graphic designers use new design ideas daily to […]

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  • Where are Puma Shoes Made?

    What are the Different Variants of Puma Shoes, and Where are Puma Shoes Made?

    • 26 May 2023
    • Branding

    Puma Brand Known for its premium footwear, Puma is a well-known athletic company. The company has operated for over 70 years and has made a name for itself as a dominant force in the sector. Puma is renowned for its distinctive and cutting-edge logos designs, and its shoes are well-liked by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and […]

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