Do you have a startup idea that requires a logo? Are you going to launch a new brand and looking for a logo? Are you thinking about redesigning your logo? There are multiple logo design services for you when you are looking for someone to design a logo for your company. In this article, you will read about the top-notch services that will help you hire an expert logo designer.

The Best Logo Design Services

Here you can read about the best logo design services in detail.


Without any doubt, Fiverr is one of the best design services. Fiverr is a platform that allows you to hire someone to design a logo for you for $10. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that allows freelancers to sell their respective buyers’ services. Individuals and design firms from all over the world hire designers on Fiverr to design logos, brochures, Mobile Apps – and the list goes on.

Fiverr is a great option for those who don’t want to follow the traditional route of choosing a design firm. Before refining your desired services search on Fiverr, you will see thousands of logo designs services on Fiverr. From there, you can scroll down and find the best seller that can meet your desired product.

You can filter through multiple approaches, for example:

  • Logo Type: 3D, Alphabetical, Mascot, etc.
  • Seller Details: Seller Level, Seller Language, etc.
  • Budget and delivery time

Once you have filtered as per your requirement, you can visit seller’s profiles to see their charges, work samples, client reviews, and much more. No matter your time and budget, you should find the best seller on Fiver that meets your requirements.

  1. Design Crowd

Like Fiverr, Design Crowd is an online platform where you can find the best logo design services. Design Crowd is specially created for design purposes. It provides multiple apparel designs, print designs, and logo designs. There are over 1 Million freelance creative designers are available on Crowd Design.

But it works differently from Fiverr. Instead of a narrow search to find a particular seller, you have to input your logo design requirements on the Design Crowd.

  1. Tailors Brand

Tailor Brands is the world’s first AI-Powered logo design platform. They have a specific computer algorithm that takes information from users and provides them with a wide range of logo designs from which users can choose the best one.

6 Steps to get a logo on Tailors Brand within 3 Minutes.

  1. Enter your business name along with your vision
  2. Choose logotype: wordmark or icon based
  3. Select your logo font
  4. Multiple logo variations are designed by Tailors Brands and presented to you
  5. Customize your logo
  6. Download your final logo

There are 25 million users on Tailors Brand worldwide, and they have generated 500 million designs.

  1. LOOKA

Looka is an Artificial Intelligence-powered design platform in which you have to input your brand’s information and design styles, and it will instantly present your work. Looka is the best platform for people looking for a logo quickly.

You Will Get Your Logo in Some Simple Steps,

Looka will provide you with a wide range of designs per your inspired preferences then you can customize it with the editing tools. Firstly, you have to choose the design inspiration; then, you must enter the brand name, logo style, colors, font styles, etc. You can place your logo on different things and preview what it looks like on social media platforms, T-Shits, etc. In the end, download the logo files in different formats.

If you have less time, Looka is the best logo design service for you.

  1. Wix Logo Maker

This platform is very easy to use while designing on Wix; previous design experience doesn’t matter. It is a DIY tool; you have to invest your time to create an amazing logo through Wix. You have to start by answering a few simple questions, then Wix Logo Maker will generate a wide range of logos based on your provided information. The Logo editor allows you to choose the colors, fonts, and position of the elements. This tool is free; you can make hundreds of logos daily.

There is a wide range of costs and platforms for logo design. You can hire individual freelancers or a design firm for your branding according to your budget and timeframe.

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