Are you searching for logo design types? Or just want to have a creative business identity that matches with your business persona? If you are either of these, let us show you the way to understand quickly about the logo design types, so you may sound more impressive while communicating with any designer’s team. So yes, a little knowledge will not harm anyone. Instead, it will help you explain what type of business logo you are looking forward.

So here we have briefly explained some most frequently requested logo design types:

Iconic logo design

Logo designs like Twitter, Apple’s logo designs are considered as the iconic logo which tells or show the origin of their business. With the iconic logo, one gets the symbolic representation that helps the audience to instantly receive an image that lasts longer than text-based content.

Illustrative logo design

These are the most complicated mostly characters based logo designs. You can add any design, style or symbols like mountains, birds, and next to it and make it speak of what your business is all about.

Just like early Nestle and Apple logo design you can express your business persona more clearly using some design elements. Regardless of how complicated it can be, we were a professional logo design company believe that illustrative logo design is all about logo concept and ideas that need to be handled efficiently.


Image result for fedex logo

It starts and ends with words based on logos. Be it FedEx or Dell, when it comes to design Wordmark logo a creative mind can take the logo concept to the next level. Which is why we give plenty of time to our designer’s team to adjust words such that it meaningfully attracts visitors.


3D logos

Image result for 3d logo

Three-dimensional logo design provides depth to either symbolic or textual logo designs. It gives a much wider span to play with creativity and get a design which inspires the audience instantly. Using high definition graphics, shadows and effects, we keep it sleek and stunning especially for gaming logo design and entertainment logos concepts.

Flat logos

Image result for flat logo design examples

These are two-dimensional logos that are plain and has now shadows all over. With creative concepts, you can get an equal amount of attention instantly if you have chosen the right company to design your logos. Regardless of the minimal logo comes out of Flat logos, use of negative space can also alter the design concepts scope.

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