Latest Branding and Logo Design Trends in 2023

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April 19, 2023

Branding and Logo Design

The ease of promoting a business using new-era technology offers many opportunities. The latest trends in the industry and viral social media posts attract billions of users. The branding and logo design services try to benefit from such trends without changing the brand icon and identity.

Marketers use these trends to attract a mass audience and deliver their marketing message. It is, therefore, necessary to assess the latest trends and the best logo design trends in 2023. Businesses that promote their brands with effective campaigns and attractive logos earn the highest revenues.

Latest Trends in 2023

1.      Colors and Photography

The use of monochromatic color schemes and colors representing different rights is getting popular. Meanwhile, brands are also using photography for brand awareness and promotions. Photos are more realistic and relatable, especially in food, garments, and jewelry.

Consumers prefer brands that support the causes that appeal to them. Therefore, brands must assess audience interests through different tools and devise effective marketing plans. Using photography in promotion requires caution, as different cultures might take clothing, affection, and colors differently.

2.      Illustrative Drawings

Handicrafts and handmade products always remain in high demand because of two reasons. The first reason is the craftsmanship that goes into things, and the second is their attractiveness. Logo designers use illustrative drawings in logos and promotional material to attract prospects.

Drawings may vary from simple silhouettes to detailed images like the Disney logo. Doodle art is also gaining fame in marketing activities. Logo designers can illustrate the brand image, story, and traits using drawings containing objects, emoticons, and human figures.

3.      The Use of Mascots

Mascots are not a new concept in branding, but what is recent is using them to create a brand’s storyline. Brands now use mascots in videos displaying the mascots’ missions and adventures. Mascots can represent the brand personality and give the audience a sense of association with the brand.

Branding activities can use mascots in many ways and initiate conversations. AI chatbot services can further enrich the brand persona, and logo designers might use mascots in logos to give a friendly look.

4.      Eco-Friendliness

Going green and reducing the carbon footprint is another concept that’s picking pace. People are going vegan, adopting new habits, becoming eco-friendly, and supporting preservation missions. Brands must also adopt environmentally friendly approaches to contribute to the cause and provide alternatives.

Eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging, and disposal of by-products help brands build customer reputation, respect, and loyalty. In addition, logo designers can embed sustenance and eco-friendliness in logo designs to engage audiences. Preserving nature is a responsibility, not a choice.

5.      Animated Logos

Animated logos are among the most engaging tactics to portray a brand image, share its story, and depict its offerings. Vibrant and lively logos catch and satisfy the visual receptors of audiences and effectively deliver the message. It also ranges from minimum movements in a logo, like vibrating or hopping items, to transforming and shape-changing figures that involve complex design.

Best Logo Design Services for 2023

1.      Finding Freelancers

Freelance services are getting famous because of the following reasons:

  • Flexibility
  • Availability
  • Lower Cost
  • Less Documentation

Hiring freelancers come with these limitations:

  • Limited Expertise
  • Lack of Experience
  • Tax and Legal Compliance Issues
  • Lack of understanding of industry norms

2.      Online Hiring Platforms

Several online hiring platforms can offer the following:

  • Certified and Verified Profiles
  • Provides Reviews for each candidate
  • Ease of monitoring and tracking
  • Guarantees refund in case of fraud

The platform, however, has its limitations:

  • Difficult to handle diverse talent
  • No guarantee of Project delivery
  • Platforms charge a service fee
  • Profiles use fake reviews

3.      Professional Companies

Most brands hire services from professional companies due to the following reasons:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Product Portfolio
  • Commitment to Serve
  • Tax and Legal Compliance
  • Guarantees timely Project delivery
  • Diverse talent with industry knowledge

The aspects that require consideration are:

  • Higher Costs
  • Documentation
  • Frequent Communication


The changing trends in the branding and logo design marketplace are changing with the technology drive. Marketers must adhere to the changes and monetize on trends using multiple strategies. Logo designers need to understand and incorporate the same in a brand icon.

The pros and cons of hiring the best logo design services for 2023 help you weigh all options. The concern regarding professional companies is ensuring the overall project quality. It helps in the timely delivery of project objectives while defining the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

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