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Why Branding And Logo Design Are Crucial For Successful Business

  • 17 Jan 2019
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Walter Joseph Landor, a legendary brand designer and the founder of Landor Associates, said,

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in mind”

SO – What comes into your mind why you think of Tesla? McDonald or Nike?
A giant futuristic car with a T-logo, McDonald arches and Nike’s Tick right?

Well, the image, right there in your head is a result of powerful branding itself.

The fact that these and other multi-billion companies spend nearly 10 – 15 percent of their revenue over the branding itself not only to survive in the market but also to thrive with digital trends. However, if still there is voice back in your head tells you to skip the logo, shush that voice immediately because today we will be sharing reasons why logo and branding are crucial for business success.

Boost Brand Recognition

From quality social media post to logo and website content, whatever you present to your visitor counts as your business branding.

Today each of us knows the value, impact, and quality of content we receive each day. We are living in an era where a logo and branding style can immediately help us recognize which brand has released this post or ad without confusing for a minute.

branding and logo design

For instance, no matter how similar branding color scheme all food venture use, we never get confused between posts from Five Guys with In-N-Out. Similarly, your brand has to communicate with the audience and build the perception with quality experience to leave a long lasting impression.

Research before Work

Competition fuels the business arena and makes the market place more interesting and exciting by the time.

So, before jumping right into any field know the competitors you are going to compete. Research and know what your unique selling point is and compare how stepping into marketing with quality branding will increase your worth and build a better reputation in the market.

From a social media platform, mobile application or even web apps research and analysis where your target audience is mostly available and how you can grasp the attention with proven methods.

Group of business people analysis with marketing report graph, Young specialists are discussing business ideas for new digital start up project. Free Photo

Once you are clear on your goal and identify your primary objectives study your target audience. By knowing the age, interest, status, and size of your audience, it would be easier to come up with a logo design that appeals to the right audience.

For quality branding and logo design, it is essential to study and research from your perspective as well as it will not only help you plan a better digital strategy that will undoubtedly help in achieving marketing goals.

Be Distinctive

Let’s listen to legends… those who know the formula to make every business work, excel and reach the top.

Image result for Warren Buffett loyalty free picture

Your Premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business – Warren Buffett

If Business is gold, branding is what makes people believe that it is real.

When it comes to a startup business, you can go by any budget, any size you wish to choose. However, quoting Warren here is about because investing in branding does not only shape your business persona, but it attracts the right audience that is looking forward for the particular need or services.

Usually, till the time when startup firms step into the pool to catch small fishes, they certainly miss chances to grasp the attention of the bigger one.

Start prevailing into spending on branding and logo design website, business brochure and flyers can be difficult for a newly started firm, but look around and see how competition in the market is evidently becoming tougher that might leave you far behind than anything.

Clear Vision & Focus

Bright hues, enchanting typography, and decorated logo – can you think of it as a symbol of an emergency hospital? Of course not, having a custom logo design or branding is not only about giving a slightly different look so that people may differ. However, it is important to make your business vision clear that focus on the purpose of your brand.

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Since a good branding initiates good business, consider the fact that color plays a significant role in building a reputation. Research showed that brand recognition boosts up to 80% using the adhesive color scheme.

Build Trust in Market Place

When it comes to build a brand or launch a business in a particular area where you already have a competitor at both poles of your lane, building trust and space becomes more challenging than ever before.

With professionally and well-strategized brand, it makes customers feel confident about making a quality choice and hence builds trust by value-added experience and services one offers.

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Since today we have a lot of ways to signify our brand value using countless ways to do marketing and build brand awareness, know that feedback from clients amplify your sales as reviews help people make a perception about the brand and how your business is providing a better range of companies.

Final Knot

Many averages to small size businesses overlook the significance of branding and logo design. For good business, it is mandatory to have your own unique business voice and persona, and that would be more effective if you opt for professional branding and logo design services that are not only ideal in quality, concepts, and timely delivery but also budget friendly for that small and medium-size firms that are initially looking forward to quality branding services to launch their brand.

For custom logo design, brochure and flyers styles feel free to contact our expert to get inspiration ideas for your business branding. If you are also interested to revamp your business theme, share your details with us to get complete work proposal.

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