The Importance of Updating your Logo – Why Redesign Your Logo

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November 14, 2022

Brand standards explain the identity, assets, and values of your company. These rules can be broadly divided into two categories: your brand assets, which include your Logo, color scheme for visual designs, font families, and other visual standards, and your brand identity, which contains guidelines on your company’s vision, goal, core values, and brand tone.

Does the Logo for your business accurately represent who you are and what you do? People, businesses, and organizations change over time. Therefore, it might be time to update or refresh your Logo if you’ve moved away from it or if other important changes have occurred in your sector.

Business owners frequently put a lot of attention into developing their initial Logo, but they frequently miss the signs that it needs to be updated. Even the best Logo won’t remain current indefinitely, and an out-of-date logo can do more harm than good to your company.

Do you need to update your Logo already? The following article examines various indicators that it’s time for a new logo and offers straightforward advice to assist you in designing a new logo that perfectly captures your company.

Reasons to Redesign your Logo

Being perceived as contemporary

Most consumers hold logos in high regard as very significant brand references. Some well-known companies that have been operational for years have altered their logos because a changing logo suggests that the business is cognizant of consumer demands and emerging trends. The new logos give the organization a polished and modern impression, even though they may not actually differ greatly from the prior designs. This is important since the majority of customers want to be connected with brands that portray them as modern and forward-thinking.

Google is the ideal example of this. You may be shocked to see that their Logo has not undergone a significant shift over time; rather, there have been a few tiny adjustments if you look up how their Logo has altered online. The company’s newly introduced logo revisions are simple to overlook. The sharpness that has been added is what stands out and gives their Logo a clean, modern vibe.

DIY Logo

A startup’s budget may not always allow for a custom logo, but branding for the business should not suffer as a result. When you’re working at a startup, there are a lot of other things you need to worry about, so we understand how difficult it is to remember to update your Logo. You might be able to do better than sticking a basic off-the-shelf logo on your website, even if your firm is on a tight budget DIY logos are widely available. They can get you going, but ultimately you’ll end up with a firm that lacks the distinctive, polished touch that only a skilled designer can give it.

It’s time to enlist the help of the experts if you’re completely at a loss for a logo that captures the mission, values, and all-around greatness of your business. Most businesses would confess that there are still some aspects of designing a new logo that they just don’t completely understand, even though some can be reluctant to admit it. A professional logo designer can help you improve your Logo by giving it a more individualized, hand-crafted, and distinctive style and feel that genuinely reflects the character of your brand.

Your Logo is outdated

If your Logo is dated, it might be time to update it. It’s probably time for a graphic overhaul, whether it contains outdated aspects that make the Logo appear noticeably dated or pixelated and hazy when magnified.

Over the previous 10 years, you might have observed a broad movement in design patterns among the logos of significant corporations. Many logos have undergone a considerable flattening process after transitioning from 3D components that made them “pop” to more simple elements. Think about Google Chrome, BMW, and Warner Brothers. Before the companies switched to new, simpler designs, all of these logos and icons appeared to be in three dimensions.

These modifications were not made at random, either. Maximalism is currently out of fashion; simplicity is in. If your Logo feels dated compared to more modern logos of the moment, think about redesigning the logo for a new, modern identity.

The original Logo is not readable

For example, the thick script that served as the foundation of Pinterest’s original Logo allowed designers to experiment with inventive display fonts they wouldn’t often be able to employ. The font had bold letters, a blue shadow effect, and a grey edge, and while it wasn’t entirely unreadable, it wasn’t exactly a readability model.

The new Logo for Pinterest significantly enhanced readability and even made a creative play on the company name. The letter P is pointed to resemble a pin, and the letters are leaner without the extra shadow effects. The best part is that they remodeled it without losing the artistic personality of the script type, which was the value of the previous Logo.

Ready to redesign your Logo?

If you’re still afraid to alter your Logo, remember that it should be done at least once every few years to ensure its continued effectiveness. This is an important step in creating a brand identity. We would be pleased to discuss your goals in more detail. Just get in touch with us to schedule a time to talk more in-depth about a brand update or rebrand.

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