Designs have the aging tendency, it gets old with time and demand to feel or appear young again. Since design reveals the age, from digital marketing to printable brochures everything that carries, lives and moves along with the design require being styled and modified with modern trends that are thoroughly followed worldwide.

Therefore, leading brands to transform and modify the whole army of their marketing content to adopt a new design generation. From the website, mobile applications to commercials there is a lot that gets modernized including logo designs as well.
So today we will discuss those factors that made leading brands to modify their brand identity i.e. logo design that will help us to understand how modernism is essential for a business and what we can learn to improve our businesses branding.


Henri Nestlé a German-born Swiss manufacturer and founder of the world’s largest food and beverages Nestlé Company carries emblem of nourishment, compassion, and motherly care. To project empathy Henri added the coat of arms of his family which presented a nest with a single bird displays the connection between his family name ‘nest’ in German and his company. Since 1868 Nestle has kept its products quality and branding to its best by giving a subtle modification it transformed logo up to seven times but concepts revolve around the first trademark to keep the message ahead.


Ronald Wayne, also sometimes known as the third Co-Founder of Apple depicts Isaac Newton theory into the first logo of Apple. Time shrivel the whole concept limited to apple shape that gets modified more than four times in since 1976. With subtle modifications to its concept, Apple strives to lead as a trendsetter for its quality product and invincible identity.

Modernism & Innovation

If you are a regular blog reader of LogoDesignValley, you must have seen us how we keep innovation and creativity prioritize anything. Reason to keep innovation alive in ideas is that it extends the life of any design precisely if we talk about logo design. With innovation and modernism, a subtle stroke of creativity is sufficient enough to keep on the verge of business excellence.


With these two major examples of businesses from corporate to manufacturers we can learn that keeping identity structure same should be on priority when opting for professional logo design services without disturbing the first concept. Since modification in logo design can take time to be recognized by your audience, it is mandatory to go for professional logo design services that will assist you in acquiring the first concept that not only is easy-to-remember but creative enough to influence the target audience.
For this purpose, we have a dedicated team consisting of professional, skillful and passionate designing team. We keep our team equipped with tools and latest technologies and allow them to keep themselves aware of new market trends that are hard to get with competitive packages. If you are someone looking forward to for a professional logo design services we welcome you to discuss your requirements with our team to move along with distinctive identity.

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