Transforming Ideas into Branding Icons – Gaming Logo Design

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June 5, 2023

Branding Icons – Gaming Logo Design

Smart devices are becoming more common and offer great comfort, adding ease to our daily lives. The variety of apps makes them more desirable for people of every age and interest. There are productivity apps for professionals, home decor apps for families, social media, and gaming apps for everyone. People of all ages, from children to seniors, enjoy games on their smartphones and gaming consoles. There is an increase in demand for game developers, gaming consoles, and gaming logo design USA, indicating the love for gaming and a wide outreach of gaming platforms.

Statistical Analysis

A Visual Representation of Usage Statistics Over Different Media

The outreach is vast, with most players spending between one to seven hours per week on gaming. The segment calls for entrepreneurs, business managers, and marketers to enter the arena and gamify their brands for maximum outreach. The healthcare industry is already gamifying certain medical routines and therapeutic procedures to improve the health of users. However, branding video games for your business identity is integral to adopting this approach.

We present the process of transforming your design idea into a gaming logo. It will help align the logo design process with your branding objectives to appeal to gamers. The design will attract more audiences to engage them longer over the game and increase the revenues.

The Logo Design Process

It is essential to go through the designing process of a gaming logo so the audience can identify, distinguish, and recognize it. It will also enable them to recall the positive game experience and share it with their friends and family attracting more audience to the game. Following are the steps in the logo design process which your logo idea must follow.

1.      Concept

You might already have a vague idea, but you need to refine and draft it. The creative talent of a logo design agency will brainstorm and sketch your design idea, adding some artistic details to make it attractive. Remember the importance of distinctive design and avoid using mainstream business symbols in the logo, like cards for poker games and guns for strategic war games. The agency assists you with the process of coming up with a unique design that stands out.

2.      Research

Thorough research is necessary for a concept to evaluate the interests and preferences of your target audience. It helps attract and engage the prospects for a longer period, and they can relate to the brand for the association. Research the target market on different aspects such as age, gender, hobbies, and thoughts of the market segments that you want to attract. Embed relative elements in your logo to influence the masses to select, connect, and play the game.

3.      Designing

The selection of shapes, objects, text, font, and colors for your logo falls under designing. The research that you performed will come into use in this stage. It is necessary to maintain the balance, ratio, and contrast of all the elements in a logo to give it an aesthetic appearance. Also, check the elements for alignment with the audience preferences and refrain from using design elements that have no relevance to the audience. Test the design before implementing it.

4.      Testing

Testing a logo is vital to its success. Before rolling out your logo in campaigns and the game, test the effectiveness and appeal of the logo design. Pilot testing is one way of performing a test, asking a percentage of gamers about what they perceive by looking at the logo. Eye tracking testing is another good tool to check the distinctiveness of the logo among various logo designs. Focus groups and surveys for selecting the best alternatives are some of the other testing tools.

5.      Implementation

Once the design passes all testing scenarios, the logo is embedded on the gaming screen, packaging, app stores, and other media. It is essential to use the appropriate file formats over different mediums, for example, vector files for bigger banners and raster files for merchandising. An agency produces a number of file formats for your logo design maintaining quality and theme so that media selection doesn’t affect the appearance of the logo.

Recommendations for the Design Stage

The design stage is the most crucial stage of a logo design that deals with the requirements, impact, and selection of elements. It is necessary to keep this process audience centric to gain the maximum benefits from your logo. Designers must also follow the best practices of design to avoid any mistakes (that could result in controversies and legal issues). Hire a professional logo design company or adhere to the following recommendations while designing.

1.      Embed Interests

Our brain processes information by scanning the environment, finding relevance, and memorizing pictures of the most relevant things. That’s why designing a unique and memorable logo is vital. Adding target audiences’ preferences in the design elements helps get their attention and generates a positive brand image. It encourages them to engage with the game, interact with the brand, and make purchases.

2.      Finalize the Elements

Every line, curve, and color matters as they have meanings. Amazon Smile, Nike Swoosh, and UPS Shield are some examples of iconic logo designs. Refine the outlines, curves, borders, shapes, and fonts for a better visual experience to gain the audience’s attention. Simplify the logo design for memorability and use minimum colors in the scheme. Perform mockup revisions if necessary.

3.      Add Creativity

Nothing is better than creativity in a logo design. Add a feature in your logo that depicts joy and playfulness. Consider the placing of Amazon Smile as an arrow pointing from ‘a’ to ‘z’, reflecting the variety of products available on the platform. Replacing the letters with icons or characters is another creative tactic that amuses viewers and gains admiration for the brand.

4.      Portray the Theme

The theme of a game can influence the mood of gamers and bring them over to your game. Adding too much detail in a logo isn’t a good practice but try adding a reflection of the theme if you are not adding creative elements. It will help give a picture of a positive experience making your logo more attractive and engaging.


Do you remember Super Mario? See how the Mario character appears out of nowhere. A logo design Company visually represents a brand and its offerings. It helps bring more prospects to a platform, engages them for longer instances, and influences them to buy offerings and merchandise. With so many monetization options and the growing usage of smartphone apps, a logo is crucial for your gaming project. Follow the logo design process and recommendations with best practices to design the best logo. Hire a design agency with value-added services and sufficient expertise and experience. Make an attractive logo and grow your gamer audience.

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