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June 7, 2024

Have you ever stopped to admire the iconic three stripes of Adidas? Perhaps it’s the sleek design of the trefoil logo that grabs your attention? These symbols represent not only branding but also a tradition of innovation and athletic greatness. However, the history of the Adidas logo is far more complex than it seems at first glance. It’s a story of modest origins, competition between siblings, and a continual effort to change the perception of what a sports company should embody.

Curious? Get ready for a deep exploration of the Adidas logo’s history by fastening your seatbelt. We’ll delve into the concealed messages, unexpected turns, and creative decisions that solidified Adidas’ status as a worldwide leader. This trip will not just demonstrate the development of a logo but also the intriguing narrative of the brand. Are you prepared to take a glimpse behind the scenes? Time to start scrolling! P.S. Looking to make your brand’s narrative as impactful as Adidas’s? There is no need to search beyond a professional logo design company. They are able to create a visual representation of your identity that drives you towards success. Before we begin, let’s take lessons from those who are experts in the field.

The Rise of the Three Stripes

A discussion is currently happening regarding the significance of the three stripes. Some people think they symbolize a mountain, representing the obstacles athletes conquer. Others view them as wings, representing the desire for speed and nimbleness. Adidas has never officially confirmed a specific definition.

The Rise of the Three Stripes

The logo’s charm is found in its ability to be interpreted in various ways. It enables athletes and supporters to engage with the brand personally, associating their significance with the stripes. Undoubtedly, this adaptability has played a role in the logo’s long-lasting appeal.

What Do the Adidas Stripes Really Represent?

The Adidas stripe logo enables athletes to envision their own desires and objectives reflected in the stripes. To a marathon runner, hurdles could symbolize constant perseverance, whereas to a young basketball player, they might represent incredible speed. This flexibility creates a personal bond between the brand and its viewers, transforming the logo into more than just a business emblem – it evolves into a personal representation of sporting enthusiasm.

The dominant stripes are persistently visualized everywhere on the platforms. The logo design might be featured on the chest of the jerseys of the player’s team, and this is a very profitable marketing strategy that could contribute to the brand promotion of the sponsor. That is what makes the success of Adidas – that they can know exactly their brand style and can represent it in all of their products.

The Actual Meaning Behind Adidas Logo

The famous Adidas logo, featuring three thick stripes, is a globally known symbol. However, unlike certain logos that have obvious interpretations, these stripes have a hint of enigma to them. Adidas has never given an official definition to them, allowing for different understandings.

This uncertainty does not indicate any lack of strength. It enables people to establish a personal connection with the logo, attributing their own significance to the stripes. An athlete aiming for optimal performance may view tattoos as symbols of power and perseverance. An informal wearer may just like the simple, contemporary style. This adaptability promotes a strong bond that goes beyond just being a brand symbol.

How did the Adidas logo Become a global icon?

The ascent of the Adidas logo to worldwide recognition is well-known. It ultimately comes down to a potent blend of simplicity and adaptability. The three stripes go beyond language and cultural differences, easily identified by individuals all around the globe. Picture a vibrant market in Tokyo – the emblem on a football shirt is just as prominent as it is on a sneaker in New York City.

The logo’s adaptability helps strengthen its global recognition. The sleek, crisp design transfers easily to different platforms. No matter if it is sewn onto garments, imprinted on shoes, or showcased online, the effect stays consistent. This enables Adidas to smoothly incorporate the stripes across all their products, generating a cohesive brand image that is easily recognizable in any environment.

How did the Adidas logo Become a global icon?

The logo has been adjusted over time, but the three bold stripes have consistently stood out. It’s similar to having a workout partner you love – known, dependable, and constantly encouraging your progress. This consistent approach has certainly been beneficial. The three stripes now represent achieving your goals, whether you’re a top-level athlete or simply aiming to improve your fitness routine. The logo isn’t just a brand image, do you understand? It serves as a visual symbol of dedication, effort, and pushing past boundaries.

The Evolution of the Adidas Logos

The three-stripe logo that is famous today wasn’t originally the white Adidas logo. The inception occurred in the 1920s with a basic concept showcasing a bird and shoe, mirroring the Dassler siblings’ emphasis on Adidas 3 stripe shoes. After the brothers split in 1949, Adidas acquired the three stripes logo from a different company. This new and daring logo rapidly became a representation of the brand’s commitment to athletic excellence.

The Evolution of the Adidas Logos

The famous Adidas logo we are familiar with has not always looked like it does now. They have experimented with it for a while, but those three stripes remain unchanged. They have consistently existed. Imagine it as your go-to workout attire – comfortable, familiar, and constantly prepared to assist you in achieving your objectives. In the 1970s, a stylish new symbol featuring three shapes resembling a clover was introduced to signify their expansion into clothing, not just footwear. What about those stripes? They remained because of their simplicity, versatility, and universal recognition. That is how Adidas rose to fame in the sports world – thanks to a logo that is constantly present to support you.

Let’s take a trip through time and explore the key stages of its evolution:

Early Years (1920s-1949): The “Adi” Logo

The story begins in the 1920s,  during the era when the Dassler brothers (who later founded Adidas) were still in charge of the brand. The Adidas old logo was a basic design with a bird and shoe, representing their emphasis on the first Adidas shoe and the title “Adi Dassler” (Adi Dassler Shoe Factory). This logo was the initial symbol for the future global sports giant.

The Trefoil Era (1950s-1967)

Then, in 1949, Adidas – Adi Dassler’s company – revised the strategy and decided to replace the initial crest and bring a new Adidas sign instead. In the 1950s, a new symbol was introduced: one of the most recognizable ones is the trefoil, the old Adidas logo, which resembles three interlaced circular shapes that look like leaves. This move reflected the notable expansion of the brand in the sense that it was trying to diversify the original product, which was footwear only, to clothing, too. Yet the trefoil could not erase all the past as the past forms an integral part of one’s identity. The three stripes there (“the three stripes, the story of which was said to have been bought by Adolf Dassler (Adidas founder) in the 1940s) are placed opposite each other with the trefoil from time to time.

Trefoil and Stripes (1971-1997)

The 1970s saw the Adidas trefoil and three stripes co-existing as the main logo elements. This period solidified the association of the trefoil with the Adidas font and its diverse product line. The three stripes continued to represent the brand’s core values of athletic performance.

Three Bars (1997-Present)

In 1997, a new logo, known as the Three Bars, was introduced in addition to the existing logos. This more basic form of the three stripes highlighted simple designs and a contemporary look. Adidas’ new logo was commonly seen on products geared towards performance, showing the brand’s commitment to athletes.

Adidas Originals (2019-Present)

The tale doesn’t conclude at that point. Lately, there has been a comeback in Adidas Originals, the new adidas logo, a sub-brand specializing in heritage and casual clothing. The revival has brought a new focus on the classic Adidas trefoil logo, commonly featured on lifestyle items.

The development of the original adidas logo showcases how the brand has consistently expanded and adjusted. Despite the introduction of new logos, the fundamental element – the three stripes – has stayed the same, proving its lasting significance as a representation of athletic achievement.

Which Was The Best Adidas Logo?

The Adidas logo world shows unexpected diversity. Each version of the logo, from the original “Adi” to the current three stripes, represents a different chapter in the brand’s history. However, with numerous competitors, one can’t help but wonder: which logo is the ultimate winner?

The reality is that there isn’t one definitive answer. The ideal logo is subjective and varies depending on personal preference and which element of Adidas is most appealing. The traditional trefoil emblem (Adidas trefoil) embodies a feeling of legacy and enduring fashion, effectively reflecting the essence of Adida’s original logo. For individuals who appreciate sleek designs and a contemporary look, the Adidas symbol (three stripes logo) could be the top choice.

In the end, the diversity is what makes it beautiful. The different logos provide distinct views of the brand, enabling supporters to form a personal connection with Adidas. This adaptability has clearly helped maintain the brand’s ongoing popularity.

How to Create Your Own Logo Like Adidas?

Inspired by the Adidas logo history? You can create your own powerful symbol! Here are some key takeaways.

How to Create Your Own Logo Like Adidas?

Simplicity is Key

Create a simple branding logo like the Adidas flower logo. Look at the success of the three stripes. A simple design is much easier to recall and translates well across different mediums.

Meaningful Symbolism

Give your logo a meaning that is like the Adidas logo. Consider. Consider what your logo represents. Does it convey strength, creativity, or something else entirely? Infuse your symbol with meaning that resonates with you.

Versatility Matters

Imagine your logo on different products or platforms. Can it adapt and maintain its impact like the Adidas symbol? Designing a versatile logo ensures its longevity.

The best logo is one that reflects your unique brand or identity. Take inspiration from Adidas, but don’t be afraid to add your own creative twist!

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The Adidas symbol represents more than three lines! It possesses a significant history that mirrors the brand’s path. Since its inception, featuring a bird and shoe, the logo has continuously evolved to the iconic three stripes. Despite all the changes, the primary emphasis on sports and athletes has remained constant. The three stripes do not hold a particular significance, but that is what makes them brilliant. They permit individuals to perceive their desired content, establishing a personal bond. Flexibility is a major factor in the success of the Adidas logo.


What does Adidas mean?

Adidas is a smart blend of the name “Adi,” derived from founder Adolf Dassler’s nickname, along with the initial three letters of his surname, “Dassler.” It’s a homage to the man who initiated everything!

What does Adidas stand for?

There is no definite meaning available! The famous stripes can be interpreted in various ways. To some, mountains symbolize obstacles, while to others, wings represent quickness. Its flexibility is what makes it beautiful, enabling you to establish a personal connection with the brand.

When was Adidas founded?

Adidas started in the 1920s but was officially established in 1949. This came after a division between the Dassler siblings, which led to Adolf Dassler officially founding Adidas.

Who owns Adidas, and who established it?

It’s a combination of different things! It is probable that the Dassler brothers themselves designed the original “Adi” logo. Adidas bought the famous three stripes, while the trefoil logo is thought to have been created by a team of designers.

How has the Adidas logo Become a symbol of sport?

The logo’s straightforward design and worldwide fame, combined with its connection to elite athletes and cutting-edge products, cemented its status as a symbol of sports excellence. Today, it symbolizes commitment and challenging limits, values that connect with athletes and fans around the globe.

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