Best Art Deco Fonts for Logo Design, Branding & Graphic Design

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August 4, 2022

The 1920s saw a rise in the popularity of the Art Deco (Arts Décoratifs) movement in visual art, design, and building. These fonts combine opposing creative influences and share a goal of being contemporary.

These fonts have several intriguing characteristics, including vibrant color and expressive geometric in striking shapes. These qualities and others contribute to this font’s continued popularity. Therefore, we have put together a list of the 10 greatest art deco fonts that will make your designs stand out to assist you in creating such amazing retro typography in the contemporary digital world. Top logo design companies in New York use these fonts for logo and graphic design purposes.


I want to introduce a sans-serif typeface from the art deco era. The art deco typeface Avenida is typically spaced, elegant, and has a distinctly vintage vibe. It is jam-packed with capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Large (display/poster) sizes can be optimized for this simple-to-install font. The high-end market audience, movie titles, posters, traditional restaurant menus, Youtube covers, publications, and other uses for this typeface are numerous.


Delauney is a display font created with geometric shapes and forceful strokes to give it a clean and minimalist appearance. It was inspired by the Art Deco design of the 1920s. There are three variations of this all-caps font: standard, shadow, and catchwords.

This typeface also has numerals, punctuation, stylistic alternatives, and multilingual support, which assist the reader in picturing elegance, riches, and a great appearance. This font is ideal for titles, headings, typography, labels, quotations, logotype, etc.


This font exudes a timeless, refined, and high-class vintage vibe throughout. A serif font called Decoera can be optimized to a large (display/poster) size and comes with standard spacing. It contains punctuation, numbers, and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Posters, vintage cafe menus, Youtube covers, magazines, social networking page covers, etc., are all excellent uses for Decoera as a font.


For high-end market audiences, movie titles, posters, magazines, YouTube covers, thumbnails, and other similar uses, Deconico is a fantastic art deco typeface. It has standard spacing and is a sans-serif typeface. This typeface has several intriguing characteristics, including a classic, elegant, and high-class feel that makes it ideal for various projects.

Fonseca | art deco font family pack

Fonseca is a collection of art deco fonts that, as its name says, has 16 types and eight weights. It is a contemporary sans serif typeface influenced by early 20th-century typography and art deco posters.

One of the font’s distinguishing characteristics is that all caps in this family are in straight, simple geometric shapes and updated letterforms. This font is ideal for posters, headlines, branding initiatives, logos, publications, packaging, and more because of its contemporary and vintage aesthetic.

Burges – Classic Art deco font

Check out this font if you’re seeking a traditional art deco font. The serif art deco typeface Burges is ideal for many projects, including those aimed at high-end market audiences, publications, posters, movie titles, YouTube covers, social media page covers, etc.

It is a serif typeface with regular spacing that can be enhanced for large (display/poster) sizes. It is ideal for various design demands, packed with capital and lowercase characters, digits, and punctuation.

Houston – expanded/extended Art Deco Font

It introduced a vintage, historical, retro art deco display typeface ideal for many projects, including branding, logos, sports designs, video games, posters, special events, and much more. An extended spacing option makes the sans-serif art deco font Houstone ideal for various tasks.

Rectory Display Art-Deco Font

Rectory is a modern font with art deco influences packed with characters, unique ligatures, and glyphs to make your projects interesting. It is a member of the sans-serif typeface family and is suitable for large (display/poster) sizes. The titles and layouts of magazines, logos, invites, branding, quotes, blogs, posters, and advertisements can all be created with this typeface.

Decohead Typeface| Art Deco Font

Say hello to a classy and cozy art deco-inspired style that will give any design a sophisticated touch. Decohead is a distinctive and feminine art deco typeface with a tidy appearance that can add glimmer and joy to your holiday layouts. Three weights, uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, glyphs, and many more features are included with this font.

It is a sans-serif font with choices for regular and condensed spacing. This typeface is ideal for any design that needs a glitzy and ornamental atmosphere because it has so many elements. This typeface works well for wedding invites, headers, posters, stationery holiday cards, and other projects.

Pochter Art Deco

Pochter is a normally-spaced sans-serif typeface influenced by the art deco movement. This typeface is a great option for a variety of design needs because it includes capital and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual compatibility.

There is no denying that art deco fonts are very excellent and the perfect option for designers looking to give their projects a modern and fashionable feel.

The beautiful thing about these typefaces is that they have a unique appearance and feel that makes them ideal for usage in posters, headlines, branding, logotypes, publications, titles, social media, and even contemporary and retro projects. So go ahead and select the font you believe will improve your designs. If still you have any query you can contact with Logo Design Valley Top logo design company in New York.

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