Best tools to make online logos in 2023

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January 20, 2023

Your logo represents more than just your store. It represents the mission and vision of your organization. It’s more than simply an image as a result of this. When consumers think of your brand, they frequently think of your logo. Considering the importance of this seemingly insignificant part of your brand, creating your logo could appear difficult.

If you’re on a low budget, you might benefit from using one of the many free online tools for designing logos. These resources are fantastic whether you’re launching a brand-new online store or looking to improve an existing one. And did you know that creating a free logo is one of the drop shipping secrets of successful drop shippers? You have it now.

In this post, we’ll examine a selection of the top tools for creating professional-looking logos that you can use to brand your business without having to employ a designer or learn graphic design. Remember that none of these tools require installation or download because they are all cloud-based applications.

Top tools for designing professional logos

Themeisle Logo Maker

We’re glad to present you with our Themeisle Logo Maker, which has a user-friendly UI. All of your online communications can assist you in creating a professional logo. Mainly the multi-format technique is a huge time saver. All the pre-sized PNG files you require for social media, along with favicons and (accessible!) SVGs for your website design are included in your final download using a single logo design.

It’s a serious contender for the title of best logo builder and a terrific way to rapidly create and download a primary logo using a variety of pre-made themes and icons. By altering the templates, a wide range of logos, including abstract marks, combination markings, and pictorial marks, can be created.

There are endless colour combinations and distinctive font selections available at the simple design studio. The text is always subject to change before downloading, giving you plenty of time to test and edit before making a final decision.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands’ goal with their logo marker was to give the consumer control over logo design and creativity, and they succeeded in doing just that! A Tailor Brands logo builder creates many possibilities based on your preferences and style. Users of the website can play with colors, styles, template designs, and more while selecting the suitable logo to express their company’s personality and brand. The finished product is a robust, versatile design and precisely aligns with your business’ branding plan.

The AI-powered nature of Tailor Brands’ logo builder, which can create a logo for consumers in as little as three minutes, makes it unique. Not only does this remove the design and technical expertise from the end user, but it also provides nearly an infinite number of logo design draughts and creations. In addition to having access to such a robust design platform, TailorBrands has a low monthly platform usage pricing as opposed to charging for only individual image/logo creation, so you won’t have to fork out much money for a single logo design. Many Professional logo design agencies recommend tailor brands for logo desiging if you have low budget.


One of the most widely used graphic design tools available is Canva. And with good cause! Thanks to its straightforward drag-and-drop user interface, even those without prior design knowledge can utilize the platform. They also offer hundreds of pre-designed templates to get you started on your designs, including logos. One of the most user-friendly design platforms available is Canva. Regardless of your level of design expertise, you can use the platform easily and obtain the design you desire. There is a tonne of editable logo templates available on Canva. Therefore, chances are good that you may find a template that matches the style or mood you want for your logo. Canva provides high-quality files for free, in contrast to most platforms that charge for them (however, you will need to pay if you want a logo with a high enough resolution for printing).

Squarespace logo maker

The Squarespace logo maker is 100% free and easy to use. You don’t even need to register before you’re ready to download your logo. Only the business name needs to be entered. Then, you can enter keywords to find the right icon and modify its color, typography, and orientation. You can download a high-resolution PNG file in white, black, and color. If you want to quickly and easily make a basic free logo, this is a useful tool. However, doing so won’t offer you anything special.


The lack of a feature-rich mobile interface is an obstacle to using many logo design possibilities. Come on, Hatchful. A simple and user-friendly interface and editor enable users to create professional logos on mobile devices. It’s easy. You are first asked to enter your industry. Then, you decide on your logo’s style and the materials you’ll employ. They then provide you with options from which to pick. When you choose an alternative, you are then sent to the editor, where you can change the design however you choose. Every logo bundle from Hatchful comes with images suited for use on different social media sites, including LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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