Why Brand Are Shifting from Static to Animated Logo Designs?

  • 18 Dec 2017
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Chris Miller is known for his spectacular identity as a voice actor, animator, screenwriter and storyboard artist once said, “Animation is just another way of telling a story.” Since logo designs are meant to do the same job which is why we see how animated logos are preferred over static once. By keeping both values of static and animated logos side by side, both wage equally. However, creativity takes the logo concept to the next level. Therefore, be it static or animated creative logo design, distinctive idea and impressive concept are all what a business look for in an identity.
During last few years, we see how major brands were opportunely agreed to shift from static to animation logo designs. Since changing identity has always been a hefty job, therefore a subtle motion and gesture do not seem to be a choice at all. So here following are some of the reason you can too consider for your logo design:


It is one of the factors that major brands are now turning into motile identity. To scale on the future board, an animated logo seems to be more promising. From GIFs, videos, smart swatches, smartphones and what not an animated logo with all brand to speak more than one language in a limited space providing an ultimate stage to scale.

Variety of Service

Since the static logo concept summaries a whole picture of your brand image, bringing animation would take the full-length scale to display a variety of services in one go. Just like Google back in 2015 colored G with its primary hues and introduce a variety of symbols such as mic for Google speech and dots to relate cloud servers in order to present and value its other services distinctively. Similarly, Giant Owl production nailed the concept by combing owl eyes and movie reel animation together to complete the whole sense of their brand name that speaks more about their values and work habits.

Higher Brand Awareness

A static content gets attention while animated content gives conversions. To excel in your business, you need to adopt ways that are smart, futuristic and imaginative. With animation logo, you can go beyond than that of static logo who are too important but when it comes to being prominent animations can do wonders. From target audience to your community people will remember you with more than one attribute if one fades away the other reminds them the name. Therefore, making your logo unforgettable, distinctive and creative you need to push boundaries a little further and contact us to get fascinating ideas and incredible animated logo design services .

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