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  • 25 Oct 2021
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For many people, the concept of a logo is still pretty unclear. The main purpose that a logo serves is still not known for people and they think of it as somewhat of a pretty design and that’s it. What the general public doesn’t understand is the strong message behind these mere design elements, fonts, icons, and text.

To make or have a good logo doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be an extravaganza with your design details. In this article, we will talk about what a logo is, the type of logos, and the five principles of designing a logo.

What is a logo?

The word logo may evoke several images inside your head. A fast scan of all the brands and their logo designs, the swoosh or a bite taken apple, the famous portrait of an old man, or the mustache character. If you know the above-mentioned reference without us taking the names of these brands, then you can consider how impactful, recognizing, and great work these companies have done with just a bit of designing.

Moving towards the actual definition, the main aim for a company to create a logo design for their own business is to provide the business with a symbol. This symbol is then used as your brand’s distinctive identity in the cluster of thousands of other brands out there.

This symbol helps other people to recognize you. If we take an example of the Amazon brand’s logo, it symbolizes a very subtle smile-like arrow from the letter A to Z in Amazon’s text. This smile actually represents the fact that the customer can find literally anything, from A to Z on their e-store. And also, the smile represents the happy and satisfied customer experience.

Some people believe that having a great logo can somehow ensure the success of their business. it’s more like a myth bubble that needs to be burst. Although the logo holds a certain amount of importance for a brand, that doesn’t make it everything.

Types of logo design

A logo design can come in seven different types. There are no limits to creativity while designing a logo, but one thing that is important is that it must be relevant to your business. Different designing elements like shapes, icons, color palate, etc. can be used to make your logo as closely related as it can get.

The different types of logos include:

  • Emblem logos
  • Pictorial Mark Logos
  • Wordmark or Logotypes
  • Lettermark or monogram
  • Abstract logo
  • Mascot
  • Combination logo
  • Principle of logo design

The idea to communicate with your audience through a mere design isn’t as simple as it sounds. While designing a symbol for your business, you need to understand the five basic principles of logo designing.


In order to make a logo look unique, people tend to get overboard with the design process. It is probably one of the things that need to be avoided at all costs. Your audience should be able to recognize your brand at a glance. For someone new, your logo needs to make a good impression on the audience. A design that is too complicated to understand at a first glance will not work the best for new businesses. Some of the world’s most famous brands have the simplest logos, like Target, McDonald’s, or Nike.


A logo that has an impact on its audience also has the tendency to make it memorable in their minds. The four rings sideways, or the blue and red ball with a white stripe are globally known brands and we can create their image in our minds just by describing their logo design.


A logo that is timeless, and is catchy in all eras, for all age groups of people and all people around the globe is a winning design. Such is the design of the world-renowned Coca-Cola, or Stella Artois.


Another quality of a good logo is that it is simple and yet has enough elements that you can put it either on a pen or on an Airplane (quite literally). An example of such a logo is the world-class airline Emirates logo, which looks equally beautiful, either it is blown up or shrunken down.


A logo must always have relevance with your business’ tone and theme, or else it won’t make any impact. For instance, if your brand is for children, you need to use a playful, bubbly font with multi-colors. There is no sense in using neutral colors like black or grey for the kid’s brands.


Logo designing is all about using the right type of creativity in the right spot.

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