Getting a beautiful logo design can help turn your business idea into a profitable endeavor if you’re considering expanding your side hustle this year. Therefore, it begs the question of how much a logo worth. A logo can range from $2 to $2500+, with various alternatives depending on whether you choose to do it yourself or deal with a graphic designer or agency. A logo can be purchased for as little as $20 from an online creator of logos or for as much as $99 from a website that crowdsources design work. But the reality is that a lot of different things affect how much you’ll pay for your logo design. Before deciding how to create your logo, consider the following information.

Why is the perception that logo design is expensive?

A logo is a visual, graphic, or picture that is used to represent a specific business or brand. Frequently, it is the company’s first point of contact with its clients. Creating a logo takes far more time, effort, and work despite having a similar appearance to other graphic design elements. You must comprehend how they are made and how much they are worth to your firm before we can respond to that.

The  methods for getting professional logo design services are described in this pricing guide for the logo design:

Option 1- Do it yourself

This is the choice you might want to consider if you have a limited budget and want to keep all of your expenses to a minimum. You can design a logo for yourself on a variety of websites, including Canva, Looka, and Tailor Brands. You might also utilize well-known design software, although these programs typically have a learning curve.


Your creative potential is constrained if you use Canva for your brand. This platform may offer a variety of free shapes, lines, and paid symbols, but it does not give you the greatest creative flexibility. Better technologies, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, help advance the design of your logo. Make sure you have access to a vector file while designing your logo. Using software like Adobe Illustrator, you can resize the logo using the code provided in this file format for an outlined shape. The logo you create with Canva won’t be a vectorized picture. This implies that there will be constraints on your ability to amend or change your logo.


Looka is a dynamic, AI-driven online logo creator. You enter your company name and click Get Started on the Looka website. The next step asks you to enter your industry, such as consultancy, dining, beauty, etc. You’ll select five or more professional logo designs after entering your industry for Looka to draw inspiration from while creating your own. Then, you may select your preferred color scheme and add a little additional information about your business. Finally, you’ll choose the symbols for your logo, or you can let Looka choose the most appropriate ones. Artificial intelligence-based design is becoming increasingly popular due to the huge variety of alternatives available for different creative approaches.

Tailor Brands

You need a tool like Tailor Brands to design a distinctive, premium bespoke logo that will increase the recall value of your brand. Tailor Brands is a user-friendly online tool for creating logos that use machine learning. Anyone may use it to generate company logos and numerous other branded products because it doesn’t require any coding experience. Tailor Brands eliminates the steep learning curve associated with other graphic design tools so you can quickly and easily bring your vision to life. Since you won’t need to pay high-priced graphic designers to generate branded materials for your company, you’ll be able to save a ton of time and effort in addition to money. It is obvious why Tailor Brands produces the best logo for such a low price. Many believe it is one of the best online resources for creating logos.

Option 2- Hire a Logo Design Agency

Hiring a design firm is another choice you have for your logo design. This is the choice for a logo design that costs the most money. A distinctive and expert logo will cost a lot of money to create. You can be confident that your logo will reflect your company’s identity, values, and target market. Before developing a logo, these design firms do their homework and conduct in-depth market research. For a logo design, agencies charge upwards of $2,500 USD, with some charging as much as $5,000 USD or $10,000 USD. That can be too expensive for someone who wants to convert a side business into a regular job.

If you’re looking for a unique and professional logo designs for your business, you can take help from our expert designers at Logo Design Valley.

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