The internet has been a source of relief for many professionals around the world, especially for creativity seekers. Creativity needs inspiration, and the internet is the most accessible, friendly, and inexpensive source. Marketers, writers, artists, and designers use various websites and apps for inspiration and new ideas. Graphic designers use new design ideas daily to create unique visuals that help cut through the marketing clutter and promote a brand.

Graphic design trends and inspiration ideas exist on audio and video platforms. Sources like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook have numerous motivating and inspirational videos. Videos are getting more successful in engaging viewers and delivering messages with higher retention. Here we present a list of documentaries to inspire graphic designers, and later we highlight some latest design trends for 2023.

Graphic Design

Apps and webpages use different on-screen design features that aim to improve user experience. The same goes for traditional means of business promotion, like business cards, brochures, logo designs, and campaign designs. Graphic design covers all these segments by providing unique and distinctive designs for a brand. However, it involves creative thinking and innovative designs.

Designers look for different sources of inspiration, so the list of documentaries would be helpful. It will also reveal the impact of graphic design on the daily lives of millions of people. In contrast, the trends we discuss will help designers produce fresh schemes and incorporate the latest features. The design community can use various online platforms for novel ideas.

Inspiring Documentaries for Graphic Designers

The graphic design industry is full of enigmatic creators with high energy. The professionals help and inspire many designers and provide valuable insights to learners. Following are some of the most inspiring documentaries for designers. Thank us later!

1.      Pixar Story

The story talks about the impact of technology on the arts and vice versa. It acknowledges the services of designers, animators, and artists for shaping the industry for good. The story also highlights the company’s roots and reflects its values that influence viewers worldwide. It also portrays the role of key contributors throughout the Pixar studio’s journey.

2.      Helvetica

The video features the world-renowned Helvetica font. It is more of an honorary video highlighting the beginning of the style and its universal utility. The documentary reveals the impacts of a unique type font on different media and audiences. A deeper understanding of font style creation and appeal will boost designer creativity.

3.      The Artist

It is a series of interviews with artists about insights into the modern design era. Hillman Curtis, the creator, is well known to many designers as the change leader. Interviews with various designers make it easier to understand different working styles. It also opens up inspiring sources of inspiration for innovative design.

4.      Logorama

The French production company H5 gave an award-winning (2007 Academy Awards) performance for the best animated short. It shows a future city where everything is made of logos and mascots. It features a chaotic situation in the logoworld and even the universe. The video is an inspiration and unique perspective of logo design. Designers may understand the need to cut through the logo clutter with an attractive and appealing design.

5.      Art and Copy

It talks about advertising and inspiration more expressively. It reflects the opinions of both the designers and viewers for a deeper understanding. The video discusses US advertisers’ methods to develop successful campaigns like “Got Milk?” and “Just Do It”. Interviews with the creators of these campaigns talk about the underlying elements.

Graphic Design Trends

The following graphic trends can help designers emerge from the existing design puddle and use the new trends for attraction.

1.      Liquid Fonts

Kids love to spill water over everything, even smartphones. Learning creativity from kids is essential as they have limitless imaginative consciousness. Usually, they play with water droplets to create shapes on surfaces. You may use the same technique and add value to a logo, as using liquid fonts is an emerging trend.

2.      Doodles

One more thing about kids is that they love to draw everywhere. Doodling started as a spare-time stress-killing activity for many, but designers took it seriously. Doodles are a new way of enriching a logo design and the favorite trend for marketers to cater to multiple ages. It is artistic, playful, engaging, and relieving, all at the same time.

3.      Rich Tradition

Some businesses emphasize more on their traditional roots, and the strategy is indeed promising. Besides writing “Since this year” in your logo, you may use many other things to reflect on the rich brand history and tradition. Use emblems, cultural symbols, and historical objects in a logo to boast about the brand’s historical roots.

4.      Geometric Play

Another trendy strategy is to play with geometrical shapes to produce elegant logos. Geometry offers many shapes, and you can play more than interlinking circles. Try squares, stars, diamonds, and hexagons, and dissect shapes to use chunks as differently as possible. Once considered annoying, it is gaining traction as it awakes curiosity and compels viewers to think.

5.      Unique Lettermarks

It is somewhat similar to using objects as letters; the only difference is that it doesn’t use any letters. There are countless emerging fonts that marketers are using instead of the same old alphabets. Uniqueness is a huge attribute in any logo, and what’s more distinctive than creating a font of your own? Designers must use this technique to create futuristic logo designs.

6.      Dot Links

Connecting dots was a famous play many of us enjoyed in our youth. Agree? Designers! Use this empowering tool to attract the ones who agree. Wake up their inner child and use links to connect dots or even leave some dots for the audience to encourage cognitive interaction. Be sure to color the dots you want to join differently than others. Put your imagination to the test.


Graphic designers need sources of inspiration for creativity. The designer community hosts many options for design inspiration. The documentaries we suggest here reflect the thought process of famous designers. It also entails the role of other contributors to lead the design to success. Designers must incorporate graphic design trends in their projects to add value and attraction. Read our blogs for more information on branding design.

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