Logo Design Inspiration and Trends for 2023

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May 3, 2023


The logo design industry demands creativity and diversity while avoiding the risk of resembling any other logo design. The logo must also be eye-catching, attention-grabbing, distinctive, and reflect the brand’s image and offerings. The task itself is challenging enough to drain the designer’s energy, and the dependency of a brand on its logo design for promotional activities makes it more difficult.

It is also important to keep the audience’s interests in consideration. Through the latest trends logo inspiration 2023 designers can help equip logos with the prevalent preferences. We will discuss the sources for logo design inspirations for designers and highlight the most popular trends for 2023 to design effective logos.

Logo Design Inspiration

With so many brands emerging globally and digital reach, the logo design industry demands perfection, attraction, and uniqueness in branding. Designers can easily exhaust and run out of ideas and might look for design inspirations. There are two major categories for design inspiration.

Direct Sources

Direct sources refer to online and offline sources that have the sole purpose of guiding designers. It either displays some design options or evaluates different design methods for giving direction. Books, websites, apps, and journals provide information to help designers stay creative.

Indirect Sources

All the other sources for design inspirations, such as environment, sensory stimuli, communications, etc., fall under the indirect sources category. Designers might prefer some sources over others, like walking, driving, traveling, socializing, and even meditating. Indirect sources help scan the surroundings for design elements that bring new ideas and provide innovative alternatives.

Logo Design Trends 2023

Logos must be timeless and memorable; they usually don’t change for years. However, it is necessary to incorporate the latest trends like color preferences, font styles, and other design elements to appeal to the audience. Some trends will equip a logo design with the best features.



Replacing Letters

Using icons and objects (especially products) to replace letters in a brand name for a logo is creative. Many logo designers are using such combinations to make unique and attractive logos. Kingfisher and Iron Fest are some of the best examples of such logos.


Using ornaments and emerging graphics is another trend that mixes design elements. It converges design with graphics like plants, objects, and sketches to produce unique logo designs. Such logos also use ornamental designs other than letters to display a royal style.

Layered Logos

Using overlapping and layering letters or symbols is another tactic to give the logo a distinctive look. PayPal uses this design by layering two letters. Overlapping circles like the Olympics and Audi logos are also some examples.

Glitch Effect

Like the TikTok logo, the glitch effect uses a different approach to give their logo a unique look. The design may distort, turn shaky, pixelate, or discolor the logo. The glitch may initially seem like a distortion, but it catches the viewer’s attention for a closer look and serves its purpose right there.

Geometric Patterns

Human eyes find patterns and symmetry in objects, which designers use to their advantage. Using shapes and patterns in an organized or chaotic manner to appeal to the audience is more common. The designers tend to click through the audience’s visual receptors using geometrical shapes.

Fading Logos

Logos that use fading letters and designs are becoming common in 2023. They reflect speed, direction, or imaginative visuals to appear stylish and persuasive. Popular brands like Fade use these logos to support their brand name while appearing unique.

Animated Logos

Designers are using transformations, motion, and interactive elements in logos. Such logo designs are highly attractive but need digital mediums and score low on the memorability scale. Many industry leaders like Google, Firefox, and MasterCard use animated logos.


It is important to understand the design inspirations and latest trends in 2023 to design creatively. Logos must appeal to their target audience while also conveying brand purpose and story. The changing trends require designers to research audience preferences and the latest tools.

Using animated and other latest trends logo inspiration 2023 brands can multiply their growth potential. Animated logos are way more attractive and interactive than ordinary logos, and many brands are adopting them. A digital medium is necessary, so they are unsuitable for traditional marketing campaigns.

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