Logotype vs Logomark vs Logo – How to Get One?

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June 7, 2023

Logos – How to Get One?

People often get confused by the terms designers often use, and some even use the terms as substitutes which is entirely wrong. A logo design agency knows the meaning of these terms, but as an entrepreneur or manager, you must also understand the difference between them. How can you decide what you want without understanding if you are branding or rebranding your business? This blog will explain the difference between a logotype, a logomark, and a logo.

Understanding the distinction enables you to differentiate between them. It helps you decide which suits your branding needs and brand objectives. Customers perceive your brand identity through your logo, and it attracts, retains, and encourages them to interact with the brand. The blog will explain each of them in detail with their benefits and drawbacks. To build a deeper understanding of the names and their purpose, read the blog till the end.

Logotype vs Logomark vs Logo

For beginners and students, a simple explanation will be more clear. A logo is an umbrella term for all branding icons visually representing a brand, its offerings, or the target audience. It may contain visuals reflecting a few or many details about a business. Smart devices and digital platforms have enabled companies to adopt animated and dynamic logos.

However, logotype and logomark are merely two logo categories. A logotype refers to a logo that uses only text as a representing visual of a brand. This text might be the brand name, abbreviation, slogan, or both. Moreover, a logomark logo uses an image to denote the brand. The image can be an object, shape, or picture that reflects a brand and relevant information.

The distinction and purpose of both of them reach far beyond their basic differences. As we discuss the impact of selection in detail, we will explain the scenarios in which they perform best. Let’s clear out confusion and develop a deeper knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of a logotype and logomark.


A logotype uses letters, initials, names, or text to represent a brand visually. It consists of two more sub-categories; a wordmark and a monogram. Wordmarks use letters to display a brand’s name, while a monogram uses initials with or without a design or background.

Logotype uses a font type selection approach for reinforcing name recognition through traditional design methods. Its appeal depends on the typographic style and preferences of its audience. Plain and formal font styling appeals to a decent audience. Meanwhile, cursive text with colorful texture is best for engaging younger or charming audiences.

One might think a logotype is easier to design, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. It requires the same level of design work as any other logo, and the minimal design demands more effort for selection. The selection of font, thickness, color, shades, shadows, hues, and texture requires a command over their usage. A design agency knows what outcome a specific selection creates in the audience’s perception. Look at the Levis Logo and Louis Vuitton logo for reference.


  • Appears classic and formal appealing to a wide audience
  • Easier to memorize and recall by minimum use of design elements
  • Serves better in awareness and name-recognition campaigns
  • The flexibility of aligning the font styling as per audience preferences
  • Provides a direct reference to the brand by using names or initials


  • Work Intensive and difficult to select a design from the options
  • Creativity is limited to text and background elements
  • Language barriers can harm the appeal to a global audience
  • Changes in trends might impact the appeal of a certain font type
  • Difficult to change in case of business acquisitions and mergers

Which Brands Can Use Logotypes?

Brands with a formal product and service offering can use logotypes as the best option. Startups and newer businesses might benefit from using logotypes in awareness campaigns. Moreover, if a company name indicates its business or target audience, a logotype is a better option. Apparel and fashion brands can use wordmarks. However, food and beverage brands can use monograms to portray an amusing and joyful identity. Review the Gucci logo and Coca-Cola logo as examples.


A logomark employs an object, image, sketch, or simple design to convey a brand’s identity. Specifically, the images or graphics of an animal or fictional character are further referred to as mascots. Different shapes and objects hold different perceptive values, and designers use that values to indicate the nature of a brand.

Mascot logomarks reflect the target audiences’ interests to encourage them to associate with the brand emotionally. The selection of images and pictorial marks enables logo designers to add vibrancy and colors to a logo. It allows using visually appealing elements by existing shapes and objects or creatively modifying them for uniqueness.

The logo appears modern and eye-catching while delivering the brand’s message to prospects. Colorful images and designs cater to younger and fun-loving people. Contrarily, sketches and monochromatic silhouettes portray elegance and luxury. Designing a logomark requires a deeper understanding of the impact of colors on human psychology and the meaning of different shapes.

Twitter Logo, Image Credit: Pinterest.com, Nike Logo


  • Appears modern and eye-catching with vibrant color schemes
  • Allows maximum creativity and uniqueness in a design
  • Represents luxury, elegance, and class of a brand through single-color design
  • Images speak volumes about a company, its offerings, and its target market
  • Logomarks and Mascots offer the flexibility of using the logo over different channels


  • Difficulty in recognizing newer brands due to the absence of text
  • Colors have different cultural and regional meanings
  • Requires the expertise of graphic designers for balance, ratio, and aesthetics
  • Mascots might offend social groups due to their looks or attire
  • Extensive research into audience interests is necessary to add appeal

Which Brands Can Use Logomarks?

Brands that are already operating on a medium scale can use a logomark. The logomarks are ideal for brands that offer well-being, beauty, and technology products. It especially caters to the logo designs of companies that use object or animal names. Brands looking for loyal customer relationships can use mascots, while those with heritage and rich history may use pictorial marks.

Apple Logo, Image Credit: Pinterest.com, Puma Logo

How to Get One?

Depending on a company’s budget, preferences, and branding objectives, various options are available to get a custom logo design. Researching your industry and audience is necessary to jot up the requirements and objectives a logo must achieve. You must also decide on a branding message the logo design conveys to your target audience. The following options are available through online and offline sources that you can select for a custom logo design.

  • Online Logo Maker
  • Freelance Designer
  • Online Hiring Platforms
  • Logo Design Agency
  • Famous Designers

Selecting the alternative that best suits your branding needs and budget provisions is essential. Review the following table for information about each option’s cost, design time, uniqueness, expertise, and experience. The costs in this table are based on the average logo design cost of the alternatives, and variations may exist on a higher or lower end.

Alternate OptionsLogo Design CostDesign TimeUniquenessKnowledge & ExpertiseDiversity of Experience

Online Logo Maker $2-$100 On Click Low Low Low
Freelance Designer $50-$300 2 to 5 Days Medium Medium Medium
Online Platforms $25-$700 2 to 5 Days Medium Medium Medium
Logo Design Agency $150-$3000 2 to 10 Days High High High
Famous Designers Subjective Subjective High High High


Logo designing is a creative process that requires knowledge and expertise in design elements to choose to attract a specific audience. A diverse experience helps designers utilize influential features while avoiding mistakes. The best practices of the branding arena can guide us in the right direction once we know what we need. Deciding on the type of logo that will attract more audience becomes easier when you do proper research.

Understanding the logotype vs logomark vs logo lets you decide what is best for your brand. How to get one can depend largely on your budget and requirements. A logo design agency provides many branding design solutions compliant with your logo. The table helps you select a suitable option with ease.

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