Nothing gives rise to copycats like a successful business venture – We all know by today, how one comes out with an innovative concept and copiers get activated instantly. A recent example would be, iPhone notch got viciously copied a hundred times. If you believe notch itself was iPhone’s original concept, so get ready to be shocked because Essential mobile phone design was the first to introduce them. Later, iPhone adapted the same but made it bigger and bolder. Similarly, a consequence of the mobile application was the same until today!

So whether you are finding solid reasons sue your mobile app copiers or looking for all the right reason to protect your app go these three reasons.

Copy Rights Issues & Risk

Harvard Business Review (HBR) published an article in 2012 which explains why companies copy each other. In the report, it clearly stats if innovation does not work, copy (ouch, that hurts). Despite how immensely it is risky, most businesses copy each other once after they know that which of the business is making more money. So, when it comes to mobile application development, anyone can sue you regardless of how exact copy from color, code, logo, and theme you have used. Google Play and the App Store are strictly monitoring to get rid of such malicious mobile apps. In case if anyone felt offended with the more unethical practice of copying their mobile app you can get along in hands with pending-patent states.

Innovation Wins

Startups with innovative mobile apps concepts are more funded then the cloner funds. When it comes to persuading investors is quite problematic to explain why your mobile will be a successful venture, when a similar application already exists in the market. For instance, if you believe to come with a game changer app either for pick and drop like Uber and Lyft, it is mandatory to know that market is already addicted to these similar apps that are spending multi-dollars on marketing and expanding their venture. Therefore, your innovative idea would at least prove your point more sensibly if you are living your original concept.

The Budget for Clone Apps

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Today, every venture is striving to secure their business future – especially mobile app. No matter how budget friendly your mobile app may seem, you might end up paying more if you clone any app that is secure with Binary Protection and other security measures. This way, the claim would be made against the concept and process. Therefore, we believe to get started with your own concept rather invite sue notice and charges.

If you think your original idea would cost you more or just can’t figure out the scope, discuss your idea with our a mobile app development team. logo design valley would instead provide a better solution then stumbling eventually.

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