How to Spot and Avoid Substandard Logo Design in no time?

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November 30, 2017

It really hurts when someone tricks you with poorly learned skills and sell you that cannot be undone. 

In the field of graphic designing, it happens now and then, especially, where downloading Photoshop and other tools encourages anyone to do Logo design job all by themselves without understanding significance and impact of proper logo design services over a business.
Usually, it happens when users opt for affordable logo design services, and they end up consuming cheap quality services that cost more than their initial estimate budget. Which is why today, we are going to reveal such skills masters that trick innocent people in the name of affordable designs services.

Complex Logo Design

Unless you have a story like Starbucks, complex designs are not welcomed. Brands like Nestle, Coca-cola, and Mercedes have narrow down their design complexities to a maximum level which is why it is a big sign, people who are skilled and have been proficient into their field would never suggest a piled up concept with up to hundred layers. Which is why simple and creative designs are more challenging than the complex ones and here is why:
Following examples of Walmart logo shows when it comes to change or even bring subtle modification, companies study, and research a lot even before adding an icon to its present design.

Versatile Is Not Cheap

Since every logo is a storyteller, it carries a lot more meaning than it appears to be, at first sight, this is where a design tell the history and designer it came from. A logo a design itself must scale on the different platform while being distinctive and attractive; versatility is the key to make it a gem of your business. With an innovative idea and creativity, it can communicate target audience effectively. Since this all cannot be avail with a service started after a few months ago, there is an ultimate way to do that, discreetly.
The Derivative Design

Derivativeness kills the real creativeness of a mind. The design might bring you to the dead-end this does not mean that we start relying upon other existing ideas that already replicated a hundred time. Once you receive a logo, try using ways to find out if this design previously used anywhere else before or not. Uniqueness is crucial as well as important to save your investment and your brand reputation too. Many bootstraps and freelancers over platforms normally take bulk orders and perform more like professionals, by derivation and modification in an existing design it allows them to mold and uses other creativity which is never entertained over the professional business scale and can silently ruin your brand impression.

Wrong Color

Colors are the language a design speaks, which means, a designer should live, breath and play with colors to practice their communication. Therefore, once you receive a logo design understand what colors are being used that can surely give you sense if it is coming from the professional’s source.Since a logo has to be your brand ambassador know how these are colors are comprehensively used to deliver the message to the target audience

To bless a soul to design such that it not only represent your brand or business but also leave an unforgettable impression over a potential audience, LogoDesignValley is all is here to provide distinctive, quality logo services that help you excel your business with a prominent yet professional identity in affordable price.

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