Three Golden Rules Of Corporate Video Production

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November 24, 2017

John Rampton renowned Entrepreneur, Online Influencer and #3 top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine shared his opinion about a business and marking and said, “Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online – but only when it’s done right”.
When it comes to preparing content for corporate video production, we usually fail or miss effective components that are essential to connect business and audience thoroughly. Therefore today we are going to share tips to boost conversion through corporate video production.

Audience Is Important


Communicating values to a very specific audience is all that we call marketing. Since each product has its own target audience, it should not be presented with confused or mixed strategies. To appeal your audience make sure that message that your video is conveying is directly meeting its target audience first. Oftentimes, we see that product like candies and chocolates try to target all types of audience in its first go and does not appeal the actual audience that is kids. This is why in the initial video campaigns business should focus their corporate video production as a direct message to its audience and later build a whole series to extend the business or product scope.

Emotional Connection with Story

Feelings, attachment, and bonding support a brain a make rational decisions. What we see, listen cannot be more impactful than what we feel. Which is why, we tend to see how commercials TVCs, radio advertisement add components from ordinary to let audience relate their need for the product or service. So if you need your corporate video presentation influence target audience, it is important to add facts, figures and data such that it subconsciously fascinate them with a strong emotional purpose.

Focus What Matters


It takes 3 seconds for an audience to decide whether they should continue watching a video or quickly move on to the next. To get your audience hooked in the first go, focus on to them first, focus with their issues or simply take creative beginning so that it keeps the audience curious to know what’s next is there to unleash. This is why companies paid more to content that is customer-centric in order to gain customer’s attention rather than just telling about the business.

Since a video is an all-rounder marketing component that tells, market, aware and convert viewers, it is important to understand that creating a impactful and potential content requires professionals that can design, create ambiance and produce content up to mark in to attract more viewers through an impressive corporate video presentation that can be acquired right here.

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