Top 20 Vintage Style Fonts For Logo Design & Branding

Written by shaeel ahmed
May 10, 2024

Research indicates that consumers are drawn to brands that elicit nostalgia. Well, if you talk about classics then how can we forget that Vintage fonts used to reign supreme logo designs.

Nowadays we see that nostalgia holds a special appeal. The traditional style of vintage logo design creates a feeling of history and genuine identity, making it a valuable asset for logo creation and branding. If you are starting a new business or updating an old one, old timey fonts can give your brand identity a timeless charm.

Why Do People Still Like Vintage Fonts in Branding

The enduring charm of vintage fonts still captivates audiences in the modern day. The antiquated designs elicit nostalgia, bringing to mind easier times. This feeling of recognition generates trust and comfort for possible clients. Moreover, old fonts feature distinct character and charm, helping a brand differentiate itself from others. In a world filled with contemporary, simple designs, adding a touch of vintage style can bring a unique and refreshing element.

Vintage Fonts in Branding

Exploring Different Eras of Vintage Fonts

Vintage font styles have the unique capability to take us back to particular time periods, showcasing their beauty. Classic serif typefaces like Bodoni and Caslon capture the elegance of old advertising strategies. Playful and whimsical handwritten typefaces, like Scriptina, embody the vibrant spirit of the 1950s and 60s.Rockwell’s bold slab serifs evoke memories of retro packaging and signage, while Futura’s geometric font hints at the elegance of Art Deco. By selecting a font from a specific time period, companies can establish a particular vibe and look that connects with their desired demographic.

How to Choose the Attractive Vintage Font

Selecting the appropriate classic font can significantly impact the establishment of a brand image that is both notable and significant. Here are some important factors to think about when selecting the ideal piece of typographic history for your brand.

Match Your Message

First things first, consider the overall vibe you want your brand to communicate. Does your company exude luxury and tradition? Then a classic serif font like Bodoni or Caslon might be ideal. Aiming for a more playful and lighthearted feel? A script font like Scriptina could be the way to go. Remember, the font should complement your brand’s personality and resonate with your target audience.

Know Your Audience

Consider the target audience you are aiming to connect with. Will they feel a stronger connection to a font that is familiar and nostalgic? Understanding what your audience likes will assist in selecting a font that conveys the appropriate feelings.

Consider the Era

Vintage font typography allows for a delightful trip back in time. Every period showcases distinctive design features. An example is how geometric fonts such as Futura embody the elegance of Art Deco, while bold slab serifs like Rockwell elicit nostalgia for retro packaging. Choosing a typeface from a certain era helps you establish a specific visual style that reflects your brand narrative.

Experiment and Explore

With a vast array of best vintage fonts available, there is always a perfect match for your brand; you just need to search for it. Experiment with different options, keeping your brand message and target audience in mind. There are many resources online showcasing vintage script font, so take some time to browse and discover hidden gems.

Readability Matters

While adding a touch of personality, vintage fonts shouldn’t compromise clarity. Make sure the chosen font is easy to read at various sizes, especially on your logo and marketing materials. A beautiful font loses its impact if viewers struggle to decipher the message.

Following these recommendations and focusing on your brand’s identity, you can select a retro font that not only looks visually pleasing but also effectively communicates your brand’s unique personality and message. Remember, selecting the right classic typeface is an essential aspect of your brand’s visual identity, influencing your audience significantly.

Vintage Fonts vs Retro Font: The Difference

Feature   Vintage Fonts   Retro Fonts
Inspiration Specific historical design styles Inspired by past styles, with a modern twist
Feel Truly old-fashioned, nostalgic Modern take on vintage styles, feels more current
Examples Bodoni, Caslon, Scriptina Futura, Bebas Neue, Akronim
Use Case Brands seeking a timeless, heritage look Brands wanting a modern feel with a touch of vintage charm

Top 20 Different Types of Vintage Fonts for Your Logo

There are many things involved in designing and building a great logo, like color, fonts, layout, and technicalities. You also make sure it looks good on different sizes. Therefore; once you pick the best vintage fonts it is advised to consult with professional logo designers or search online for Logo Design Best Practices to learn more!

Types of vintage fonts for your logo

1. Volkscraft

Volkscraft is a charming vintage font that exudes a warm and inviting feel. Its playful curves and rounded edges create a sense of nostalgia, perfect for branding that targets families or aims for a handcrafted aesthetic. Whether designing a logo for a bakery or a children’s clothing store, Volkscraft adds a touch of whimsy and timeless charm.

2. Troyline Font

The Melvin Font Family offers multiple retro typography fonts options for different types of logos, including bold and playful choices along with refined and classy designs. Each font has unique characteristics that are utilized for various design needs. Whether you need a special font for a children’s book or a sophisticated typeface for a high-end fashion brand, the Melvin Font Family provides multiple choices to suit your needs.

Retro Gastroll

Retro Gastroll, as the name implies, transports you through various time periods with its culinary offerings. This classy script font brings to mind the elegance of old-fashioned menus and ads. The elegant embellishments and smooth curves bring a sense of luxury. It is  perfect for high-end dining establishments, coffee shops, or vineyards. 70s retro font Gastroll creates the perfect ambiance for a sophisticated and memorable dining experience.

Victorian Font

Victorian transports us back to a time of elaborate details and complex design. This traditional serif typeface features ornamental details and has an enduring sophistication. It gives a sense of tradition and sophistication to any brand looking to connect with heritage.

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue provides a fresh take on the vintage logo. This sans-serif font has sharp lines and a strong appearance, with a subtle reference to Art Deco influences. Its ability to adapt makes it an excellent option for a range of brands. Bebas Neue could appear on the packaging of a modern tech product or featured on the sign of a trendy fashion store.

Malibu Font

Malibu brings a chill and cool vibe of the California shoreline. This font has smooth lines simplicity, ideal for brands aiming for a laid-back on quality aesthetic. It adds a hint of sunshine and memories of summer to any design.

Melvin Font Family

The Melvin Font Family offers a variety of vintage-themed fonts, featuring both playful and bold designs, as well as refined and classy styles. Each font has distinct characteristics that can be employed for different design purposes. 


Papyrus is a nice looking vintage typography font with a distinctive flair. Its thick, wavy strokes and slightly aged feel create a unique character. While potentially overused, Papyrus can still be a charming choice for specific projects. Imagine it gracing a wedding invitation or the label of a handcrafted soap bottle, adding a touch of whimsical elegance.

Mainstay Font

Mainstay Font embodies detailed and simple aesthetic of mid-century modern design. This versatile sans-serif font features clear lines and a timeless feel. Mainstay can effortlessly adapt to various branding needs. It could adorn the packaging of a tech startup or grace the signage of a minimalist coffee shop, adding a touch of retro letters sophistication.

Vintage Dreams

Vintage Dreams lives exactly up to its name. The classic script whispers of nostalgia, with smooth curves and intricate details that evoke romance and sophistication. These are the best if you want to create a timeless and enchanting brand identity.

Tan Nimbus

Tan Nimbus offers a bold and impactful presence. This slab serif old timey font features thick strokes and a condensed letterform, perfect for brands seeking to make a strong statement. It injects a dose of vintage power and grabs attention with its confident presence.


Gunydrops takes you back to the groovy era of the 1970s. This playful script font features bouncy letters and a carefree vibe. Imagine Gunydrops on a band poster or the label of a craft soda bottle, capturing the spirit of a bygone era with a touch of fun and whimsy.


Scriptina’s bouncy letters and playful spirit channel the coolness of the 50s and 60s. These Free retro mid-century fonts injects a dose of fun and whimsy into logos, packaging, or invitations. Imagine it gracing a milkshake sign or a record store logo, instantly capturing the youthful energy of a bygone era.

American Typewriter

The American Typewriter captures the spirit of traditional typewriters. This font with a fixed letter width adds a sense of genuineness to your designs. Picture an American Typewriter featured on a retro travel advertisement or the packaging of a specialty beer, evoking feelings of nostalgia and artisanal allure.

Mythshire Handscript Font

Mythshire Handscript Font offers a touch of elegance and personality. This old style font features flowing lines and a slightly whimsical feel. Imagine Mythshire Handscript Font on a wedding invitation or the logo of a handcrafted jewellery brand, adding a touch of timeless charm and delicate beauty.

Bignord Typeface

The Bignord Typeface combines classic elegance with a hint of vintage charm. This serif typeface has neat lines and somewhat curved edges, giving it a classic look. Visualize Bignord Typeface on the packaging of a luxury watch brand or the signage of a high-end boutique. It adds a hint of classic elegance while maintaining contemporary charm.

ED Lavonia

ED Lavonia is a playful and whimsical script font. Its looping curves and energetic spirit evoke a sense of carefree fun. This Old time font is ideal for brands targeting a younger audience or aiming for a lighthearted and creative vibe. Imagine ED Lavonia on a children’s clothing store sign or the packaging of a gourmet candy brand, adding a touch of youthful charm and playful personality.

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque captures the sleek and strong style of mid-century modern logo design. This font without serifs offers distinct edges and a powerful impression, making it an ideal option for companies in search of a bold and impactful appearance. It adds a touch of classic strength and enduring elegance to every design.

Alternate Gothic

Alternate Gothic puts a special spin on vintage typography. This compact sans-serif typeface has a slightly industrial aesthetic, evoking early 20th-century design and influences from Art Deco. Picture Alternate Gothic on an old travel poster or the label of a craft beer bottle, bringing in an element of history and strong character.

Euphoria Script

Euphoria Script channels the elegance and romance of vintage wedding invitations and perfume ads. This flowing script old fashioned font features graceful curves and delicate details, creating a touch of timeless beauty. Imagine Euphoria Script adorning a wedding invitation or the logo of a luxury lingerie brand, setting the scene for a sophisticated and captivating experience.


Trends are ever-changing in custom logo design and branding but vintage fonts offer a melody of heritage and distinction. These typography will evoke a sense of nostalgia and pave a path to a unique brand identity.

Choose your vintage font carefully and make sure it fits your brand message, target audience, and desired historical context! Aim to create a logo and brand that connects strongly with your customers.

Moreover, keep in mind that the right vintage font is all you need to develop a visual identity, enhancing brand recognition, and gaining trust from your audience. Therefore, do not hesitate to adopt the lasting influence of classic fonts and create a timeless composition for your brand.


What are vintage fonts and why are they so popular?

Vintage fonts or call it old style fonts are the historical styles of lettering. They elicit strong feelings of nostalgia and attraction. This is why these fonts are popular for achieving a classic or retro aesthetic.

How do I choose the right vintage font for my brand? 

You must decide your vintage font based on your personal preference. However, you may think of creativity and brand aesthetics. Try out free retro fonts on the internet, try them out with your brand name, and choose the one that fits the best.

Are there any downsides to using vintage fonts?

Using old time fonts can evoke nostalgia, but they may not always fit modern contexts. Some can be challenging to read at smaller sizes, and overuse might dilute a brand’s uniqueness.

Can I use a free vintage font for my logo?

Free fonts seem to be a good alternative if you are on a tight budget, but be careful! Some fonts aren’t allowed for businesses. For your logo, it’s usually better to buy a high-quality font to avoid any issues.

Are vintage fonts and art deco fonts related to each other?

Yes, kind of! Vintage fonts are a broad category of older-looking fonts. Art deco fonts are a specific type of vintage font from the 1920s and 30s, they are better known for geometric shapes and bold lines. While vintage fonts are like a big box of decorations.

Can you help me create a logo using a vintage font?

If you want a professional logo, consider getting help from a Logo Design Company. They can help you choose the perfect font (including vintage font options) and create a logo that reflects your brand perfectly.

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