Nearly around 2008, social media turn out to be a significant source of digital marketing and became a part business strategy in order to gain potential audience attention. Since after this, research, experiment, logic, and strategies were born to give direction to daily feeds and how business can get the most advantage out of these digital platforms that include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and what Instagram.
From hashtags to sponsorship a lot has been introduced by social media giants to make it more user-friendly and allow business to penetrate into these social mediums using tactics that attract largely but only target audience.
During these ages when flourishing businesses started sponsoring their content to receive major ROI, we learned and followed different social media strategies to gain similar results, out of which we believe Engagement is one of the successful strategies to gain most out of business investment:
Following example and concept will lead you why business should not focus or worry about social media engagement
What Business Giants Follow?
Mark Schaefer the Executive Director at Schaefer Marketing Solutions did research over strategies and proved that Engagement is not a Strategy. He quoted an example that would leave you stunned too. In His research he said, Apple which is leading multinational company with $104,300,000,000 brand value that makes them leading brand of all time from the History to present and yet they do not spend a penny to its social media campaign. Their twitter account still has a goose egg as their display image and merely few of iPhone X images on their official Facebook account yet they have this $104,300,000,000.
Why it’s Not a Strategy?
Business is all about gaining money using medium, for engagements you need to pay a cost to get it done and required a full-time job position to answer random comment tell cost and have the knowledge to convert. Therefore, we don’t see companies hiring a salesperson for social media is not the best place to find potential customers unless you run a costly campaign to gain their attention. Just like Apple logic, a right marketing strategy and saving amount of spending over engagements can help you invest your money on potential platforms in better ways.
Value Your Resources & Time
Social Media Engagement is another business activity that is observed when a particular audience seems to be interested in a certain deal, topic, and product. This activity cannot define how well the business finance is going rather it utilizes resources and consume time that can be spent on other platforms for conversion.
How Engagement Works Then?
Social Media Engagement is a tool and it’s not valuable on its own unless it is tied to a business objective such as:
Product Development
Customer Support
Brand Awareness

Hence once you see a buzz around a business products or service, do not consider it as an indicator of financial success. Keep your social engagement tied with business goals to use this as a tactic and not a strategy or simply consult us to get your social media marketing strategy planned and conveyed according to your business.

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