Instagram IGTV Launched: What Brands Should Do Now?

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June 22, 2018

In an interview with Larry King, Gary Vaynerchuk the marketing champ and CEO of VaynerMedia said ‘I believe that the telephone is becoming the television and television is becoming radio. This is the first time we have the platform shift in our society in half of the century – and I think this it’s a very big deal’.

an interview with Larry King, Gary Vaynerch

Gary had a point, which practically made Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook the wealthiest with $1.7 Billion after the launch of Instagram Television. Now that Instagram is competitively moving ahead with YouTube kind-of approach, how brands should make the most out of this enormous opportunity?. The great news is that now everyone will get the opportunity to be the creator of their own show.

So, if all lights and cameras are focused on broadcasting you, what plan you have to launch or be more than ever before? Well, that what we are going to share! So let’s get started

Take It Seriously

Every medium has its own time, mood and different energy level of the audience. Suppose your brand is all about selling goods online, how your 1-hour video (live/recorded) would support your business idea?. The point is, get to know what your audience is looking for when they probably choose IGTV to spend time? If selling goods sounds too direct, create content for people to understand what makes you better than rest.

Instagram is planning to monetize content which is one of the reasons why creators should take it seriously. So, before you just start making videos randomly, know that quality wins over quantity. Since IGTV videos are aimed at verticals position, see how you can turn your content into a more engaging and seamless layout using multiple-camera shots, etc. depending on the duration of video content.

Take Time & Set Up Show!

Digital platforms are expanding way more than ever before. With IGTV, brands are expected to have more audience to watch what they are up to, but that requires time to build content with a proper marketing strategy. Therefore, just like Television content, get started with a sound strategy that is laid over active hours of your target audience. Produce content, with quality and set up shows which you can start either by sitting in a Café, kitchen or outside in field to instantly get the attention (keeping the guidelines of a quality content video IGTV supports).

Pick Interesting Topics

Be it CNN, BBC or any entertainment channel every anchor has mastered the art of bringing the content over the most trending topics. When it comes to creating content for IG 1-hour content video, one has to be very creative about the topics that keep the IG family busy and engaged.

Marketing Your Content

Gsm Arena

Now that you are planning to expand as a brand over the larger platform, i.e. Television move just they channel brags about their shows. Create an impressive introductory video that hooks the broader audience. Show what your content is all about using quality graphics and creativity. Work on your business branding by availing professional branding services and launch a show people would wait to watch the next series.

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