How Instagram Stories Helping Business to Boost Engagements

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January 1, 2018

Are you planning to play hard for your business social media plan? Well, that is probably quite obvious which is why you are here, or perhaps you must be thinking can Instagram Stories be the part of your business social media marketing plan? Let’s figure it out what the whole point of keep stories in the plan.

Honestly speaking stories were used to be considered so unprofessional that none had used this for business purpose once it was introduced to the world.

Like how one could use it? Taking a selfie with the boss while planning to get fired? Alternatively, just trying to pretend you do not care what everyone else thinks about your Instagram addiction? No way right?
This use to be us in time when Instagram just appeared on the map of our minds, we did not know it would drive us like other popular social media apps. Well, the time has changed things that this boss will give your raise instead of firing you since it will change the game your social media plans!

How to Do it Right

Are you following Dior Instagram? Okay, what about Entrepreneurs? Ann… Okay anyone who inspires you? Whoever you follow, note that from brands to businesses everyone is now okay to share the background story of what’s coming and what they are up to and if I could whisper one thing right now it would be (“that’s the key”). Let’s take the example of Marie Forleo my favorite American life coach, motivational speaker, author, web television host and Forbes Women 2017 – (isn’t she wonderful).

She owned multiple ventures including B-School, and Marie TV that has a lot of content requires an active, engaging audience. Out of her daily missions, she prepare interviews, do Q & As, manage blogs, and manage her B-School. So how does she manage to keep the audience engaged when everyday posting does not fit her plan? Here is how what she does:

✓ Giving Clues to upcoming episodes
✓ Sharing Motivational Quotes
✓ Shares Mini Clips using Filter or boomerang
✓ Add link when she is Post a Blog or Video

This is how Instagram Stories keeps her audience informed, tasteful and curious while keeping her brand impression ahead. Here your venture might belong to any niche, or science or technical field, and in that case, you can too adopt the same Instagram routine as Marie did. Moreover, on close observation, you will find how leading brands are taking Instagram stories to the next level and using live features to get more attention. However, for the beginning, this would be enough to tell your followers that your accounts are not robot-operated its real you and genuinely wants to connect business with the audience.

Hook them with Instagram Video Ads

Videos have significantly proved themselves as the most useful tool for user-engagement. During these years it has raised its engagement rate more than 5.6%. Which why, from Snap Chat, Instagram to What’s App and Facebook all have introduced a feature to add videos right at the top due to the highest interest rate. So when it comes to investing in your social media marketing plan, opt for Instagram Video Ads and keep it derivative as Instagram stories expected.

Bring Life to Your Post

Keeping a brand alive isn’t easy, but you can turn the regular post into a liver form, using graphic designer skills and GIFs that we see trending all around. This ‘never going to be out of fashion’ trend can do wonders to keep you ahead in building up your brand image. With a subtle touch of creativity, sugar, ice and everything nice are always expected from a lively audience of Instagram where chances are 99% higher to get more attention compared to the static content.

If this post helped you in any way and left you with a question about how to get the best social media marketing plan and someone who is skillful enough to do this then LogoDesignValley has it all click on a chat box or comment down below if you have anything to share with our audience.

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