• Create a logo design using the 5 basic principles

    • 25 Oct 2021
    • logos

    For many people, the concept of a logo is still pretty unclear. The main purpose that a logo serves is still not known for people and they think of it as somewhat of a pretty design and that’s it. What the general public doesn’t understand is the strong message behind these mere design elements, fonts, […]

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  • branding and logo design

    Why Branding And Logo Design Are Crucial For Successful Business

    • 17 Jan 2019
    • Branding

    Walter Joseph Landor, a legendary brand designer and the founder of Landor Associates, said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in mind” SO – What comes into your mind why you think of Tesla? McDonald or Nike? A giant futuristic car with a T-logo, McDonald arches and Nike’s Tick right? Well, […]

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  • Blog Icon

    Things to Learn From the Most Expensive Business Logo of all time

    • 7 Aug 2018
    • animations

    Writing about the most expensive business logo designs of all time is not about counting the zeros in the figure – It’s not even just about assuming that Logo design is that heck-of-expensive thing to even think about! Basically, this blog is about what made them so expensive to even afford? Logo design, business identities […]

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  • Website Builders

    The Untold Truth about ‘Free’ Website Builders

    • 13 Jul 2018
    • websites

    When you are not paying for a product – you are a product. Creating a custom website design has always been the hustle and bustle not everyone can stand by. Some businesses took advantage of your worries and beautified your solution with a word that messes up everything, i.e. ‘Free’. So if you ever typed […]

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