Social media management is today’s business sales wheel and people invest their heart and soul in it. However, this year Mr. Zuck almost surprised every entrepreneur, self-owned small businesses, and e-commerce community.
His post on 11th January 2018 left many in nervous breakdown..


Mark Zuckerberg – One of our big focus areas for 2018

Yeah! You read it right – But do not worry, we’ve got you!

He demands to bring the old time back to Facebook and just found out that it was not a good idea to allow businesses to fold in with family and friend posts. Facebook now wants to focus on bringing connections back between people to people only, and not primarily allowing Facebook ads, irrelevant content (out of the space) page’s post to come in News Feeds so that we may easily get feeds posted by our friends and family. So nostalgic – we get it, Mr. Zuck.


Back in 2008, I remember how seeing an Ad in my Facebook Newsfeeds bothered me, I did not want any Ad to flood my newsfeeds. History repeated, I again felt so sorry for knowing how these Ads will not allow us to get good deals (all the time) unless it covers all conditions that Facebook will set in the near future.

We Appreciate it Too

Apart from what Mark Zuckerberg is planning to change in Newsfeeds algorithm. We need to prepare all that it will require to keep businesses alive and get most out of paid ads and business pages we own. Today we are seeing ads everywhere now on Facebook, even on the Facebook Messenger app. We almost forgot how important it was for us to like and fall in love what we friends and family use to share with each other unless we started promoting the content of Pages and business more than taking out time to appreciate and acknowledge our family activates on social media.

So, Yeah we too agree and think we do need connections back in life more with people we joined this platform.
However, we cannot either ignore how Facebook changed the lives of millions of people who started their business and still depending on it and taking benefits of Ads and lively community. Therefore, what we can basically do is to adopt the change and work accordingly. Since Mark has not announced to ban the Ads, however, Facebook will keep certain conditions to help your Ads reach the right audience in the right way.
So here is what you need to do to tackle your business page with major changes expected soon for Facebook Newsfeed.

Social Media Management & Quality Content

This time the problem is not about scheduling your post, at all – in fact, you can go a week without posting on a page BUT, when you post, your every post should be of good quality content.

This change is about making a post a big deal that people fall for it and know what the buzz is all about. Facebook will allow your post to appear in people’s newsfeed if it genuinely connects people or earns good user-engagement, comments, and shares. Your Ads and post will struggle if it does not convince the public to “like.”

Some More Tips

✔  Add Admin, or Editor who knows the art of keeping your audience engaged.
✔ Post content based on your audience interest
✔ Reply to comments on your every post and be active on chat
✔ Create Quality content with good graphics that attracts people
✔ He / She should know the art of creating compelling designs for the post 

Or leave it to a professional social media management team to cover it all for you on a friendly budget.

We keep the best designers and team that knows the best ways to move your brand with quality content. If you think this article gave a mini-shock let us know we make things better and easier for you.

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