When adding color to a logo, many choose their favorites rather than doing research. If you are comparing a blue logo vs red logo, you are on the right track, and we are here to aid you in the process. Undoubtedly, blue is the favorite choice of most brands out there, but red is not getting any behind. This blog aims at clarifying the use cases and differences of both alternatives. We will present a final verdict with a random TS logo concept, so read till the end.

Blue Logo vs Red Logo

Blue is the top marketer’s choice because of its calm, rational, and confident appeal, while red has extreme emotions on both positive and negative sides. The blue logos convey security and trustworthiness, while the red logos reflect passion, power, and courage, which are not very common and premium. Choosing between the blue logo vs red logo must not solely depend on the emotional meanings but also on the audience’s taste. Research your audience thoroughly to identify their core interests and the meanings they attach to a color.

Secondly, there are numerous successful businesses with a red or blue logo and a global fan base. Therefore, aligning your audience appeal with your brand’s identity and value proposition is necessary. Moreover, selecting the right shades that depict your distinctive image in the appropriate ratio is essential. As most brands use two colors in the logo, you may use both unless it hurts its simplicity and memorability. Consider the subsequent sections for famous brand logos.

Which Company Has a Blue Logo?

Blue is the most common color used by brands across various industries. It is widely due to its inoffensive and positive perceptual association with freedom, instinct, inspiration, and openness. Blue perfectly represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, stability, intelligence, and belief. See the list of companies with blue logos.

1.      Dell Logo

Dell logo went through the evolutionary phase, starting as PC’S Limited, switching to the Dell brand name in 1987. The slanted E appeared five years later, giving it the current looks. The circle around the words appeared in 2010 with bold lines and font; the current logo dropped the heavy weight. The E represents Michael Dell’s wish “To turn the world on its ears”.

2.      Facebook Logo

Although the new name is META, the Facebook logo has been blue since the first day. The logo has undergone modifications in the blue background shape and corners. However, it kept using the white and blue contrast, cherished and praised worldwide. The single-letter symbol is mistaken for addiction, but using a solo letter in the logo is common in the digital market.

3.      Ford Logo

The renowned Ford logo is another successful blue symbol. It has a history of modifications, but the font styling and the color remain similar over the years. The logo promises an exclusive high-quality automobile experience that entices its global audience. The oval shape background in blue has a white typeface for the brand name, making it prominent and influential.

4.      IBM Logo

The innovation and tech-leading giant has a blue logo with a unique font texture. White and blue stripes forming its initials represent the binary nature of computing that uses 0s and 1s. The IBM logo is an inspiration and authoritative identity for people belonging to diverse professions. Paul Rand, the famous American designer, creatively used the eight stripes to denote 8 bits of a byte.

5.      Walmart Logo

Walmart is a symbol of professionalism, service, and value in the United States as well as in other regions. The company provides retail services through its network of stores, employing a blue logo with a yellow spark. Its spark was added in a recent modification; however, blue has been the Walmart logo hue for many years. No doubt, it caters to a diverse global clientele efficiently.

What Company Has Red Logo?

Red is the second most common brand logo color worldwide. It has the capability to grab the viewer’s attention through its relation with passion, boldness, energy, and appeal. Red is a top choice for representing love, excitement, enthusiasm, authority, liveliness, and motivation. Review the list of companies with red logos.

1.      Coca Cola Logo

Few brands have been able to deliver value for over a century, and Coca-Cola is one of them. Coca Cola logo, which originated in black, has unmatched recognition the world over. The brand introduced the red disc variant in the 1940s; since then, red has been the brand’s favorite. Its shape, background, and images kept changing, except for the font and the color.

2.      TIME Magazine Logo

Since 1972, the news and information franchise has used red font to portray the brand. The choice represents its power, reputation, and passion to satisfy its audience’s informational needs. Time magazine logo has a diverse fan base across all industries, building trust and loyalty for the brand. Sometimes the cover image hides the logo partially, which is rare but unique.

3.      Netflix Logo

Netflix is one of the most popular movies and TV show logos of all time. Be it the unique initial in red color, or the brand name with a creative curvature, it is prominent and eye-catching. The current shape was tossed in the emblem in 2000 with a red background and white font. However, the fill of the logo that we see today was added later to illuminate the brand name for the masses.

4.      Target Logo

The retail giant has been operating for over 70 years, promising surprises, fun, and convenience at every turn. Target logo ideally ensures a comfortable shopping experience, meeting client expectations and business goals. Its pictorial mark represents the brand name and ideas of continuity, all-inclusive solutions, and a location that ends your quest.

5.      Mitsubishi Logo

The Mitsubishi logo represents the parent company that has various subdivisions. The logo uses the division’s name below to highlight the company’s values and quality. It operates in other holdings besides the auto, banking, trading, airline, and chemical industries. The logo represents three diamonds (Mitsu means three), portraying reliability, integrity, and success.

Which Color is Best for Logo Design?

Now that we understand what drives famous brands to select a specific color, it is easier to decide the best. It is not about what you choose but what best represents your brand’s identity and clicks with your audience. It would be best to deeply research your target audience, their preferences, and your brand values to decide the best alternative. We present some TS logo concepts for your reference to consider the variants according to color.

TS Logo Concept, for Example

The first image is a logo in blue that’s best if your brand emphasizes the mid values of the emotive scale. It clicks with a mass audience and caters to their visual tastes to engage and convert them.

The second image contrasts both colors, highlighting a blend of emotions and values. It is best for brands that want to engage diverse market segments yet are passionate to gain their loyalty and trust.

The third image is a monochromatic red variant that suits businesses with extreme values and energetic audiences. It portrays power, authority, and passion for cultivating a valuable, lasting relationship.


Sometimes it is necessary to evaluate an option with a reverse assessment approach. Is the logo energizing your branding or promotion campaigns, or are the strategies empowering a logo? You must think critically before deciding on a specific type of logo, its font, and its color. The blue logo vs red logo debate has no final winner as it depends on several factors relative to the brand. Hire a logo design company to help you decide on the color and crucial logo design elements.

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