• IInstagram IGTV Launched

    Instagram IGTV Launched: What Brands Should Do Now?

    • 22 Jun 2018
    • Social Media Marketing
    In an interview with Larry King, Gary Vaynerchuk the marketing champ and CEO of VaynerMedia said ‘I believe that the telephone is becoming the television and television is becoming radio. This is the first time we have the platform shift in our so Read More
  • Social Media Marketing

    Trends Not To Miss For Successful Social Media Marketing

    • 18 May 2018
    • Social Media Marketing
    Everything we purchase today is the outcome of inspiration we perceive from robust social media marketing. Be it cosmetic or just another cup of coffee, there is something that has an impact on our mind which we call as successful social media marke Read More
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign

    3 Effective Ways to Make Killer Social Media Marketing Campaign

    • 24 Apr 2018
    • Social Media Marketing
    For classic win-win brand awareness, there is always an incredible idea and effective social marketing campaign that works mind-bogglingly. If you have a creative idea for your marketing, but your campaign lacks the right tactics to make it happen, y Read More
  • Social Media Management

    3 Social Media Management Tips that Instantly Boost Sales

    • 26 Mar 2018
    • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media practically has taken over our minds, and now it drives our hearts towards these apps uncontrollably. Like scrolling before bed and scrolling after the first yawn is today’s reality that our granny would hate most. Especially, for Gen Read More