What is the Nike Swoosh

What is the Nike Swoosh? Unveiling the History of the Iconic Trademark Symbol

  • 23 May 2023
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Nike has a tremendous global outreach and value proposition and inspires millions of businesses worldwide. It has a remarkable global revenue of around $ 44 billion, and the US revenue is over $ 18.5 billion. The company owns around 102 business divisions globally and employs around 76,000 employees. The brand’s success reflects in its 30% share of athletic shoe sales.

Nike Swoosh

What is the Nike Swoosh? Is it the logo or its value? The Swoosh logo is a checkmark shape inspired by the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, and resembles the Goddess’ wing. Carolyn Davidson designed the logo in 1971 when Phil Knight rebranded Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike and hired her for its logo Design.

The Nike Swoosh offers many insights into branding and promotion through the Swoosh logo and different marketing strategies. As discussed, the original design was somewhat different and has undergone many modifications. It is also equally important to review the multiple variations of the Swoosh to determine the flexibility and adaptability of the Swoosh.

Nike Logo Evolution Over the Years

Since its start, the brand has undergone slight alterations in the logo design, and we will discuss the most crucial ones here. The orange online create Nike logo that we see today was a more recent modification. Even the black-and-white palette that we recognize was later incorporated.


The original logo design was the Nike Swoosh with the brand name written over it using Cursive Serif typeface. The trademark symbol had a white color fill inside the check mark with a black outline. The fonts used black color back then with bold italic letters.

Nike 1971 Logo, Image Credit: Pinterest


The mingling design and letters were quite confusing in the early days of operations, so they needed to change it. The company resorted to a better option in 1978 with a Futura bold font with italic capital letters. Meanwhile, it also started using the black color design still present in the iconic logo.


The logo lacked color, and competitors were entering the sportswear and athletic shoes industry. For this reason, Nike adopted a color different from black and white in 1985 and used a red and white icon. The new design features a red color box with the name and the swoosh in plain white. The red color represents energy, passion, and courage, while the white reflects the transparency and purity of the brand.


After ten years, the company decided to use the black swoosh for global outreach and acceptance. The business was growing and didn’t want to stimulate ethnic or cultural controversy over its logo. Nike was already successful in gaining audience recognition and brand identity, so they dropped the name from the brand mark. The solo Swoosh was powerful enough to attract and appeal to the audience.

However, it still uses many variants for branding products and catering to different sports events. The red swoosh, Nike SB logo (skateboarding), Nike Air logo, and the more recent orange Nike logo are some famous variations of the same Swoosh. You may also read the history of the Puma logo and Amazon logo.

Nike Variants and Products

There were many products in each Nike Outlet with color variations of the trademark symbol. The red swoosh was used on some products, while some product ranges adopted a slight design change. The brand also added an orange hue to its logo for cherishing energy and joy to add value. The list of some of the most famous variants and product ranges follows.

  1. Nike SB Logo for Skateboarding goods
  2. Nike Center Swoosh Hoodie and Apparel
  3. Nike Air logo variant for the Nike Air shoe range
  4. Nike Dunks and Nike Ski Mask for relative sports
  5. Nike Tennis Logo and Court Legacy product range for Tennis Players


So what is the Nike Swoosh Logo? Well, it is the value that the audience finds in its logo. Simply pointing to the logo is an incomplete answer to the question. The real power lies in its effective branding. The Swoosh is influential and assists by creating a buzz in the market. The adaptability and flexibility of the Swoosh align it with the campaign objectives. It gains better results for the brand and adds strength to the brand mark. Please visit Our Design Blog.

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