$5 Logo VS $250 Logo

The branding arena presents with a diverse range of stories of successes as well as failures. It hosts some globally accepted logos with billions of revenues, while some companies failed to excite its audience and faded with time. From the most expensive logo designs to the cheapest ones, a logo’s cost doesn’t alone determine its fortune. However, there are some quality values that need to be present in a logo for attracting and moving a mass audience.

Can you Spot any Difference Between These Logos?

The basic difference among them is not their cost but what value does the logo holds in people’s perception. The Accenture logo is the most expensive logo with a $100,000,000 price tag. Pepsi logo is the medium one as the company paid around $1,000,000 for its rebranding. However, the cost of Nike logo was just $35 (though it was way back in 1971).

Sourcing a logo requires understanding such differences and the reason behind them. A logo design, no matter how costly will still require effective branding campaigns. The price however does decide the value any designer will add in your logo design. We will look at some options as per the cost of logo design and compare the outcomes on some key values.

From $5 to $250 in 5 Headings

Super cars can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 2 or 3 seconds. Likewise, design options can go from $5 to $250 in the following 5 headings. We will discuss the different options that provide logo design services from small to medium and medium to large enterprises.

1.      $5 Logo Design

An online logo maker provides AI-based logo design service using design libraries with tens of millions of drafts. They could start from as low as $2 to $5 dollars per download. The information required is just a company name, industry, and sometimes a slogan. Imagine if two restaurants with names such as PizzaSpice and PizzaSplice use the same $5 online logo maker. They will for sure select the same industry and the similarity in name would result in a similar logo. We tried that

for ourselves and got the following options that included a pizza in the emblem.

What if one of them operates in California and the other one in New York? Could they expand in the US? Legal issues are coming their way like a bullet train. Let’s retry with a $10 logo maker.

2.      $10 Logo Design

This time the results were different in appearance but still this logo maker used a generic restaurant design with no clue of a pizza (no matter how poor). See for yourself.

Although the logos appear different and somewhat better quality, still there is so much similarity in the concept. Do you think consumers could recognize and recall the name if the restaurants choose these logos?

We wasted a total of $30 dollars to make this point easier to understand. Let’s move to $50 Logo.

3.      $50 Logo Design

Listing the design task on an online platform is a matter of seconds and you start getting tons of requests and recommendations. Unfortunately, nobody can afford to try them all and turning down requests feels like a burden. However, the point is there are amateur freelancers that are charging as low as $25 for a logo design and promise same day delivery. How could they deliver a design in such time without even taking any requirements?

Selecting a profile with a good portfolio and higher ratings is a great idea. Designers might ask for a link to the website that tells about your company and offerings. Experienced designers with proficient skills do exist on platforms but collaboration, revision requests, and finding them for future design needs is difficult. Platforms don’t guarantee project delivery, though they offer a refund in case the project isn’t delivered or has major issues. Let’s move to offshore designers.

4.      $100 Logo Design

Experienced design firms in offshore locations do promise timely delivery, quality designs, and professional services in lesser costs. Businesses need to evaluate them on their portfolio, prior clients, and recommendations from businesses operating in the same industry. There are two basic advantages of offshore hiring a design company; lower cost and creative idea pool.

However, an offshore agency has some drawbacks like cultural difference, lingual barriers, and lack of understanding of the local audience. These factors can impact on the design’s appeal to attract audience and pose communication issues between designers and the business. If you want to proceed with this option, it is far better than a $5 design. What if an additional $50 dollars get you a premium design with support, revisions, and future branding designs services?

5.      $250 Logo Design

The basic pricing plans of a logo design agency starts from $150 dollars with some discount options available. Agency plans for logo design can go up to $2500 including stationery, branding, and web designs to implement your logo design theme. Buying a package from a logo design agency helps you get a distinctive logo that has the relevant features to attract your target audience. Moreover, the skills and expertise of a team of designers employs best practices of logo design. It guarantees uniqueness and influence of a logo providing value for money.

Difference Between a $5 Logo and $250 Logo

The basic difference between a $5 logo and $250 logo must have been clear now. Still we provide a comparison between both options in order to highlight the most important features. Paying $5 for a logo seems way too attractive in comparison to $250 but it can lend you in troubles later. You might end up paying more than what you saved in issues resulting from legal and social penalties. You can even lose your customers to any other brand with similar logo and services.

Comparison Based on Key Values

A company logo design must follow the seven principles that are essential. Comparing the two options on these qualities will indicate as to what your money acquires when you select any of them. The following seven values provide a clear evaluation of the value in a $5 and $250 logo.

Ø  Uniqueness

We already wasted our $30 dollar just to show you the issues with generic $5 and $10 logo designs. Absence of uniqueness and creativity in generic logos pushes many towards the $250 design option. Unique ideas from designers can get your brand a fresh start with a strong image.

Ø  Distinction

Customers can confuse the brand with identical names and logos and the whole concept of branding fades away. Distinction calls for a design different than the mainstream elements even if it comes from a designer. Featuring coffee cups in coffee shop logos and pizza in pizza restaurant logos is too common so it must stop.

Ø  Simplicity

A $5 generic logo is simple and uses minimal design elements but fails to adhere to the effort a minimal design requires. A professional designer charging $250 would select appropriate and appealing elements in a simplistic design to influence audience.

Ø  Memorability

An understanding of human psychology and relevant experience enables a logo design company to enhance memorization of a logo. A generic logo from an online logo maker doesn’t guarantee memorability or recognition in any sense. A symbol becomes iconic when it is easily memorable and audience can recall relevant details about the brand just by looking at the logo.

Ø  Eternal

AI uses current trends and design libraries with millions of pre-made designs. Its timeline determines its results that are somewhat standard and time bound. To build a timeless feel in a logo one must go for a custom logo design offering an enduring influence for a longer time.

Ø  Versatility

The versatility of a logo design makes it adaptable to appear in different campaigns over multiple mediums. A generic logo can perform in some campaigns over limited mediums and requires rearrangement to use on some channels. A professional emblem is adaptable and scalable.

Ø  Relevance

The online logo maker uses limited information and produces a logo without research. Through research into the target audience’s interests and preferences is vital. Professional designers analyze the target audience to make relevant logos adding pursuance and influence.

Tabular Comparison of a $5 logo design and $250 logo design

Key Values

$5 Logo

$100 Logo

$250 Logo

Uniqueness No YES YES
Distinction No No YES
Simplicity YES YES YES
Memorability No No YES
Eternal No YES YES
Versatility YES YES YES
Relevance YES No YES


A logo design needs certain qualities to reflect about the value proposition and identity of a brand. It needs to comply with principles and attract prospective customers through its appeal. A generic $5 or $10 or $50 logo design might not accomplish what a business aims to achieve.

Effective branding calls for a logo that is unique, distinctive, simple, and memorable. Additionally, it needs to be timeless, versatile, and relevant to the audience interests. The difference between a $5 logo and $250 logo and the analysis of different available options will ensure quality. Your selection of an expert designer or logo design company boosts the brand’s image and revenues.

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