Designers and creative artists must bring new ideas to each task to create something unique. However, a designer’s mind sometimes runs out of ideas, and they feel agitated and annoyed while trying their best to overcome it. Welcome to the creative block, as is the name given to this condition. You must know that this happens to everyone, even the greatest designers and artists. Nobody knows why or when it happens, but fortunately, we have a remedy to help you escape.

Effective Strategies to Deal with the Creative Block

The following strategies don’t pertain to the logo design steps, but you may take that road whenever you feel entangled. A designer may run out of ideas and inspiration or feel like quitting when facing the situation. Try the following tips if you encounter these kinds of barriers.

1. Stop the Work and Postpone

Sometimes the best we can do is to stop and reschedule our task for later. It doesn’t mean we are not putting effort or diverting our attention, but it becomes necessary to keep quality. A poor design with a generic idea will lead to low-quality work, which is worse than taking extra time. Stop doing more, no matter how many logo design steps are left or how much you have painted.

The thing with pushing our capacity is that it sometimes brings the best out of us while it may also tear down our creativity. Our mental state is the primary reason for the block, so we need to deal with it for better health and creative design. Once you stop, it gets better in a while.

2. Indulge Yourself in What You Like

Sitting idle won’t help you much; try indulging in a better activity to uplift your mood. Different things have different values for people, and we can not suggest a single activity for everyone. Some would like to play video games, chat with friends, scroll social media, or watch a movie. It is essential to understand that there is no limit to the online or offline sources of inspiration.

You might walk, ride, read, watch documentaries, exercise, or anything that gives you relief. Do whatever you like for an hour and see whether you want to return to work. Remember to scan everything during the diversion and look for ideas that might help you in the design.

3. Seek the Path of the Legends

With various sources of inspiration at your disposal, don’t just randomly select solely based on interests. Be smart and seek the sources that some famous designers use for design inspiration. It won’t probably make you as creative as them, but at least it will lead you to a better way.

Watch design documentaries, book covers, tv show logos, or university logos to grasp ideas. To inspire yourself, you may also read about the history and evolution of famous or expensive company logos. Some of the best designers guide their graphic design students and other creative designers to listen to music or meditate to boost creativity.

4. The Path to Success is Ridden with Failures

What happens when a child is learning to ride a bicycle? Didn’t you feel scared of the escalators when you first used them? It is best human nature to fail and try again; rising each time is the only thing that matters. Don’t be afraid to fail on your first, tenth, or even hundredth try, as what leads you to success is failure itself. Just keep learning from your mistakes to improve further.

When you get the habit of rising every time you fall, you start walking. Build this habit in your work and keep improving with each iteration. Creating an iconic design isn’t a one-way process; instead, it relies on keeping the good things while eliminating the issues. Consider a company that rebrands not because of the failure of the former logo but to boost its branding further.

5.  Break Your Objective into Smaller Goals

Set the bar high every time you work to produce better designs. Easier targets are no doubt more achievable but never boost your creativity. Set an objective higher than what you already achieve to set your mind to a better output each time. Don’t pressurize it to do more but try to incentivize your achievements to trick your brain towards project completion, even stepwise if it feels right.

Breaking an objective into goals is like planning a trip and the stops in between. Focusing on partial completion makes the whole journey easier and more manageable. It freshens you up, boosts your esteem each time you attain a goal, and assists you in task completion. Focus on the core priorities in each plan to unify them later as one accomplishment adhering to benchmarks.

6.  Try Pushing Your Boundaries with Distinction

The founder of the light bulb kept using a candle, and the founder of the engine rode on horseback. Don’t stick to one style and routine just because it always works. Try to push your boundaries further in the next task and approach your design by adding more distinction. It will help you create novel and fresh designs every time without getting into the creative block.

Sometimes the solution to a problem isn’t available in the same view. You must get a bird’s view to gain a broader sight and bring a solution from outside of your domain. The light bulb inventor wasn’t a candlemaker, yet he brought what enormously changed the industry. Adding new objects, shapes, patterns, and fonts to a logo is better to make it stand out and be prominent.

7.  Rein on the Task Instead of Letting it Rein on You

There is a psychological philosophy that supports having a winner’s mindset and helps to tackle work irritation. It directs us to the instincts of a lion as it faces faster, bigger, and wiser prey in the wild. The philosophy insists on watching a task as prey and reminding yourself that you can do it, no matter how hard. You can wire your brain to achieve more and win over every time.

Turn deaf to negative comments or pointless criticism, as it demotivates and hurts your abilities. Instead, find a supportive friend and family member who believes in your capabilities and reminds you of your previous accomplishments. You will gain energy from the idea that any goal is doable unless you decide to quit. Don’t let it get on your mind; get over it and take control.


Different remedies work differently for designers, so there is no specific cure for the creative block. However, some tips will clear up your mind, refresh your mood, and boost your creativity. The seven tips for dealing with the barriers in creative design will bring out the best in you. You can follow any strategy on any of the logo design steps whenever you feel stuck. Follow our blogs for more insights into creative designs and design inspiration for graphic designers.

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